Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Dear Delightful Reader,

As the official Blogster, Alpha Pig, and Leader of the "Herd that Hears" I, Yum-Yum, guinea pig emeritus, would like to humbly welcome any and all MODS who may now be frequenting our exciting world here at PandaPigSanctuary! Here's how it goes: I am the best, the boss, the humblest. You will find me most charming and handsome, yet quietly, telling no one lest Raj or Taj Mahal overhear you and get their delicate feelings hurt. We must admire them, too, yet know silently within that I am the best.

Thank you,
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Dear Lovely Readers,
Hey, you think we are naturally stunning? O.K. yeah, we's beautiful to begin with, 'tis true, yet making the most of our tushies takes thoughtful, aesthetic grooming and a perfect balance of going with the grain of our fur combined with knowing how and when to "fluff" it up (in Taj's case, since he's a big, brown Abyssinian with swirls) while I, Raj, oh he of many exotic breeds, have only one beautiful whorl atop my head and feathery tailfeathers equalled only perhaps by a peacock having a good-feather day with no wind. My name is Raj Mahal and I am a MOD, too. Taj (pictured above) however, is the special MOD amongst us, being able now to imitate Molly's booty-call to McGee, as well as he can chirp like a song-bird. We all are special, each in our own, unique ways, and YumYum, our "alphaBlogsterPig" teaches us the way of "The Herd That Hears."

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Raj: "Mmmm, gots my carrot in my cuddle cup all ready to eat and I's the happiest piggie in the Whole Wide World, ya!"

Taj approaches Raj with pleading eyes, courteously asking:

"Raj, will you share your big orange carrot with me, your one and only brother?"

Raj: "Hmmm, don't think so. Nah, Nada... No way, Jose. Not gonna happen, not a chance. Dude, go 'way, gots a carrot to eat. To answer your question: NO!"  Raj looks lovingly at his pretty, pretty orange carrot.

Taj: "Well, I must have it! You leave me no choice then but to...


Taj: "Oh my, dis a big, long, carrot- --
hard to steal! But, worth it!"

Shortly thereafter, Raj stole it back but I could not get more story-pictures downloaded so you will just have to believe me.

Them Mahals! Never a dull moment.

You like my story? It true: see for yourself.

love, YumYum

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Dear Friends,

Do you know what this is? Well, it is the TWEET social stream on UStream on Molly's
Owl box on mom's laptop on the floor, where we all gaze in awe and wonder.

Do you know what else?

This weekend, it is possible that Molly's first egg will hatch, that NBC Nightly News will feature a special report on Molly and MODS, and that the Stream will go so fast we will
continue to gaze in awe and wonder.

This could be the Week of Awe and Wonder, where and when millions of viewers from
around the globe unite as one, big MOD family and TWEET and chat to smithereens!

Mom's Tweet friends are now practicing, refining, and messing with one another in a futile attempt to learn polite social stream skills that would welcome mobs of newbieMODS into our once rarified little world, otherwise known as "the asylum" because we lack moderators knighted by Carlos Royal who keep the "chat room" sane. We TWITTERERS AIN'T NO CHAT ROOM and have no such Royalty amongst us (other than the actual Royal family and their hench-spiders)... thus we talk freely about important issues facing the world today, particularly our tushies!
WWhhhhhEEEEEEEKkkkkk! FUN! OH, and Raj said to say "Make sure everybody knows that MY tushie is beautifully coiffed with long feathery strands of stunning, silky fur and there is nothing to fear because I am so beautiful!" Okey-dokey, Raj, done it!

Love, YumYum

P.S. we shall see how the "nothing to fear" part pans out this weekend...methinks the Asylum may run amok, as usual, in which case we pray all NewbieMODS run - don't walk - RUN straight into the waiting disciplined spaces of the Chatroom, which mom has never managed to log into because she is probably on their "no fly-list" to no one's surprise whatsoever.

YumYum, and I am a MOD!
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Dear Blogsters and Modsters all,

As you know, this weekend we will be glued to the tube (not really, we don't have TV) but to the laptop on PIP-Watch awaiting the arriving of Molly's first hatchlings. As such, we are devising a survival plan so that nobody has to get up and move, like, ever again. Per our polite request, mom is planning an "owlet stake-out menu" that we piggies can all enjoy like a picnic, all together, all happy, all delicious!

She is listing our favorite foods, checking it twice, and trying to find out if we are naughty or nice.

Here are her findings: the Mahals steal one anothers' food and are naughty while I, YumYum, live alone in Nicetude.

To that end, she is contemplating asking a "guinea pig whisperer" why the Mahals can't share like all siblings share...hmmm.

All is lost. Oh my, oh my, oh my. Well, who cares, I DON'T HAVE TO SHARE! ANYTHING THAT ENTERS MY CAGE IS ALL MINE, MY PRECIOUS, my prec---ooops,

uh, thank you and good night, we'll be seein' ya, forget i said anything: the Mahals have food-fights, bad Mahals, all you need to know,  remember ONLY that!

your YumYum
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This precious photo from Austin Faure's album is just a taste of things to come!
The cuties are coming, the cuties are coming!
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MODS: Join Chat for "roll call" for NBC Nightly News - this morning

MODS: Join Chat for "roll call" for NBC Nightly News - this morning: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

Dear Readers,

Well, we MOD Piggies had such an exciting morning as an NBC Nightly News crew showed up
at Molly's to film a segment to be aired this weekend coinciding with what we hope with be the
first egg(s) hatching! They asked MODS to join a roll call from all over the world and viewers
from Dubai, Europe, Canada, and faraway places complied, giving the reporter an overview
of how worldwide Molly's devoted fans are demographically distributed.

Did we report in on the roll call? Oh, well, to do that mom would have had to log onto UStream
which is probably not really any harder than putting an avatar pic on her TWITTER...

so, of course she did not figure it out and only hope someone from Washington State logged
in to represent the Guinea Pig Nation from the Evergreen State. When we get better intel
on when the segment is due to air, we will share it with you!

Meanwhile, Raj is beginning to warm up to being petted and brushed and fussed over by mom
but he doesn't want Taj to know, so from high upon my lofty perch I watch his attempts to
get love and attention from mom, while appearing completely indifferent if Taj shows up, what
a riot those Mahal brothers are!

We have a documented "carrot food fight" which we hope to post soon, just so's you can see how
brotherly love does not extend to fresh, organic carrots! Mom gave me a new clean sleeping bag
tonight and I am so happy that I will bid you all adieu and encourage you to enjoy the Blogs on our
blog list, because they are all wonderful reading!

Ha Ha, I am YumYum and I am a MOD! G'night and Dream of Owlets Hatching!