Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Taming your Guinea Pig.

Hi Everybody,
If any of you are considering rescuing a guinea pig of your very own
here's a great site to help you understand your new companion and commune
with him or her gently and safely. If you have any questions regarding how
to house, feed, or care for your new Piggy, we have lots of valuable links
in the "My Blog List" section and Guinea Pig Magazine (also listed) is
the only International magazine devoted completely to guinea pigs and their
quirkiness, health, and care.

It's a terrific magazine and Alison, publisher and editor, just lost her
beloved Piglet today. We learned this from two piggy friends who saw
her FACEBOOK  (we are not on FB) so please visit her at
Guinea Pig Magazine FACEBOOK and share your condolences as they
are much needed and she and Guinea Pig Magazine - who featured our
very own Taj Mahal as their New Year Cover Pig (including an interview)
- were unspeakably supportive of our own herd loss last winter.

Yum-Yum has what Alison's beloved Piglet had: a bladder stone and
urinary tract infection, among other health issues. We think Yum-Yum's
stone is smaller and his condition less severe, but it would be a lie to
say we (o.k. FINE, piggies!) that I am not a bit shaken up by her loss 
for this reason, as well. 

For now, "the kids are all right" and so good night, sweet dreams, and our
hearts go out to you, Alison, you and Piglet both in our prayers tonight and
always...thank you for being there for us. We hope you can feel our love even
from "across the pond" for you are a treasure. You said Guinea Pig Magazine
would not exist had it not been for Piglet:
We feel immeasurably grateful to him, Alison, since
so many beautiful, sweet piggies and their slaves
benefit from the magazine he inspired.
We sure have!

We are so sorry for your loss, dear Alison...

(((Alison and Piglet))) We love you.

Chana, Yum-Yum, Bhindi, Vinny-Guinea, Peter-Peanut,
and Squirrel (our own resident Hospice Therapy Pig.)

Taming your Guinea Pig.(link)
(great site! just press the piggies, they popcorn and leave you a poop!)

The Wait...

Waiting for results at the vet.
Yum-Yum is showing improvement
with his bladder infection and we
have discovered a cyst on Bhindi's
back which will be biopsied on Friday.
We have NO DOUBT Yum-Yum's
improvement is also the result of the
enormous outpouring of love for all
of us here at the Sanctuary/Hospice
and we are grateful beyond measure.
(the rest of this we edited out, so

if the comments don't make sense,
it cuz of we edited the rest of this out!)
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