Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Quintessential Birder/Philosopher/Poet/Singer

Jerry carries his guitar or a spotting scope for Birds...he blended right into this Maine landscape from a trip he made this past summer...ah the tranquility of an unprecedented East Coast earthquake followed by an unprecedented East Coast hurricane! Yup, that was one tranquil woodland experience.
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Cyndi Craven Music

Cyndi Craven Music
One of the things we hope to do in 2012 (if mom stops calling it 1912)
is introduce you to our fine family of amazing friends: The ones you
think about and your heart smiles before appearing on your shining face.

Jerry Brunner (pictured at right) has been my best pal since I was 19
years old and living in Atlanta, teaching and practicing meditation.
He taught me birding, sounded so close to Dylan when he sang if we
closed our eyes he may as well have been Dylan and we took many
trips with our two other birding pals all over the swamps of the Deep
South, camping, paddling, listening to Jerry sing over the campfire,
hoping alligators didn't like candy bars we forgot to leave outside
our tents...He used to bring up a record player to the little green
wallpapered attic I rented with copies of Richard Burton reciting
poetry and introduced me to Wordsworth, the most mystic of all
American poets...on the record player we would hear things like
"The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner" but after that it was hard to
really love albatrosses even though they weren't to blame.
AND: He is the only person I know who actually attended the 
Original Woodstock Festival AND the reunion all in one lifetime!
Jerry, my spiritual brother, poet, philosopher, birder, singer,
and the kind of friend that makes life beautiful for having him
in it. Cyndi has recorded CD's with him but he's too humble to
admit it and makes his own tracks for me, still...

Love you, my brother. "May You Stay Forever Young!"

Guinea Pig Wheelchairs Assist Pets With Limited Mobility - Guinea Pig Today

Guinea Pig Wheelchairs Assist Pets With Limited Mobility - Guinea Pig Today
We are so happy to see this because Edwin also designs
prosthetics for dogs and it's nice to know he cares, he's there,
and he can do these, too. So cool!

Raj Mahal's BAD HAIR DAY

OH NO, you so don't want to hear this story...
Once upon a time, Coconut Pie stole the "Commons Runabout" private, one piggie-hut. Which might have been O.K. since we received yet a (second!) generous donation with which mom ordered more huts, tunnels, the works. Right? Of course, right.

Raj Mahal here, having a VERY BAD HAIR DAY!

Raj, I am LOOKING everywhere for it! The new
huts HAVE to be here somewhere, mom went to the Post Office to pick them up...gotta be here.

Not gotta.
They haven't arrived.
Fairy, he cleans up good, Raj does,
just give him a little more thyme...
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Please allow us to introduce you to Fairy's Dad, affectionately known as "The Shovel Man" as you would understand, dear
readers, for we recently gave you an opportunity to tour the
nearby hamlet of Lincolnshire with him as our tour-guide!

Please take special notice of the Guardian Cavies, Big Mavis and Big Wilma, though we're not quite totally conclusively positively
certain who is whom...but quite the garden for grazing and
mom sick, lots of fraternizing with Fairy's mates, M & M
and - by our reckoning - only four miles away!
Pip-Pop, we are already packing our magic carpets!
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