Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Calvin Goes EXPLORING!

Mom said my skeleton is as delicate as glass...gonna hide. Don't wanna hear!

Hmmm, this interesting: Like an explorer! Gonna climb in and see what's about!

Hey, this the perfect spot for an Explorer with a skeleton made of glass!

Think I'll just cuddle in, do my "Pig In A Blanket" routine so mom with lay down next to me.
Then wrap me up with her hand snuggled next to my nuzzle! And quietly we shall dwell together.
No talking, only the sound of one piggie purring. Nuzzlin' mom.
Yeah, Life Good when
you is Calvin the small in your Special Blanket!
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Practicing PiggieSattva Meditation

Thanks, Jerry, for sending us this photograph!

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‪Dalai Lama: Happiness, Compassion and Mosquitos (funny)‬‏ - YouTube

‪Dalai Lama: Happiness, Compassion and Mosquitos (funny)‬‏ - YouTube



We have been struggling with how to get rid of the flies
breeding in the kitchen because mom hasn't always kept
the kitchen sparkling clean, you might it isn't the
fault of the flies, why kill them because she don't clean the
kitchen? So, she decided not to kill, cleaned the kitchen,
removed the screens from the windows, and invited them
to leave and fly free...

Some have. Some, not so much. Some died. In the coffee cup.
(and if it was the last coffee in the house...and mom really
wanted coffee, no, of course NOT!)

We found this video for mom. Now she feels better. And is
doing a much better job keeping the kitchen clean.
But mosquitoes, not so easy!

We are her Little Buddhas. Although, because of his lust
for stealing Raj Mahal's treats (after he has grabbed his
own and hidden them in his pigloo) we may rename
Taj Mahal the "GimmePiggie" since he has not renounced
FOOD SNATCHERY. We feel certain he never will. He
enjoys it too much. And mom gives Raj more anyway.
So he feels like it is his contribution to mom and Raj,
to teach them non-attachment. WE DOESN'T BUY IT!
But we acts like we does.
The GimmePiggie...what would Buddha do?