Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I May Haz Cancer

Today mom took me and Calvin the small to a new, wonderful vet right here in town. It was about our
spines...but the vet found lumps all in me and aspirated one and she didn't like what come out and
she sending it to pathologist but since other lumps was in lymph area could be TWO kinds of cancer!
Not to mention spondylosis of my spine don't want me jumpin' up and down off my Loft
and i won't use a ramp or steps so mom may have to take it out! Now THAT MAKE'N ME MAD!
But Calvin doin' better since mom started doing the opposite of what the other vet told her. He still
got glass spine so he could break but gained weight and demands his bedtime cuddles again.

If that not enough, mom brain-blipped-looped and she sent stupis, really stupis email to someone
then sent email to apologize for stupis email but apology email even stupiser, so it was like a broken
record in her brain and she kept tryin' to fix it only makin' it seem like she one big, fat, stupis-stalker
with compulsive Email-Apology-Sending Disease! so she stop and figured since she seein' double
anyway mebbe not good idea to be online. i just jumpin' up and down on my loft whether she like it
or not. if ya gonna die why can't ya do fun things while ya's still alive? vet said cuz i could break
my spine. big SPEW! i gotZ two kinda cancers, dems peeples should LET ME JUMP! ya know?

She went to visit her owl friends for a little while today, and CD3 said "The people who love you will understand, Skatr" and mom wrote it down word for word, stared at it, then just burst into tears, now she more pathetic than us! And she notice Coconut not running around so much when she gets out of cage and afraid to even find out why but will take her, too...that would make half the herd and she gotta just deal wid it and stop emailing and apologize emailing and apologizin' for her apology emails over and over. Yeah, a real catch, that one!

we gonna call it a night. i gonna enjoy my loft and view of my kingdom and all i survey whilst
i still can! gonna JUMP! gonna JUMP! yeah, me gonna JUMP!

Loves you all. She waiting for cards from printer but headaches keeping us off 'puter for now.

The sun came out and there is snow 50 miles east of us and beautiful skies, sea and islands west of us
so we gonna all feel better, we KnowZ it!
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