Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quiet Love...

Mom and I shared a special moment today.
This pic says it all.
We are One.
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Mac the NutPie, What is IN That Sippy Bottle? don't ask and i won't tell. Got that?! And, no, i doesn't share...except with Coconut, but she's the one who put the --
oh! nearly got me there, HA, but you DiDN't!

Mac the Nut Pie
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YumYum Can't Wait to Open Birthday Presents to Eat - -NO! To "Recycle" the Boxes!

April 21 is John Muir's Birthday and April 22 is Earth Day so we piggies prepare for EarthBirthdays by having our MOD shirt outted with pride! It's from Eric's stash, and we love that even little Dudley is featured on it...Lil'Dud, (tear in eye) long gone, yet never forgotten! That's why we piggies love Eric's shirt: Even the littlest among us are lovingly remembered...and we sure know how being "the littlest" feels!

This is me holding mom, who is sitting in front of our cages Happy because our friends Susan, David, and Ami just came up from Seattle for the day! SURPRISE! They were not going to come and then - they DID!
Susan's birthday was yesterday and mom's is tomorrow, so April 20 is when they celebrate together...
Great for us piggies since Susan and David bought us a WHOLE LOTTA FRESH, ORGANIC VeggiePies at the Market to celebrate OUR birthdays, too! Not really pies, we just love the sound of the word.

So, to celebrate EarthBirthDays we welcome yountz's to be good to our sparkling blue gem of a planet, suspended in space, kinda like an owl box, only more round.  With gravity, a moon, stuff like that.

Better be good earth-stewards so the vegans don't eat you when they get all hormonal.
( those PETA peeples, too, cuz we think they evolved when Zombies
mated with Wombats.)

If you are a member of PETA, we love PETA and didn't mean it, really, we just meant...
Happy Birthday, Earth, thanks for putting up with us: We loves ya, you Planet, you!

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