Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Monday, May 9, 2011


this post don't need no caption!
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Okee-Dokey! Just Ssshhhh! Not a word to Richard...
Richard WHO?

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SICK DAY: so pretty, so very, very pretty.

mom not well & don't look like her usual self...nice change though ---


"Just Pizza, mom, go back to bed!"

YumYum: she having Brain-ZINGO's = 'puter givin vertigo, migraine, nausea, dizziness, seizure, and fingerz not working...blah, blah, blah.
Dis her Happy Face without MODS to play with. But 'puter bad for mom, so we misses ever'MODy!

Raj Mahal: "YUM-YUM, call HOUSE!"

YumYum: "Dunnit."


mom: "Who it?"

YumYum: "Tasty Pizza delivery, mom, you be pretty one day now!"

"Is it Richard?"

HOUSE: "Richard who?"

"Richard? Oh, he just the plumper."

Satisfied, HOUSE hobble-strides straight into the Caviary and the rest is

P.S. (and dat the BEST Wheek Level! Ssshhhh! Tell nobody,
tell EVERMODy, we is mixin' it UP!)

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"Calvin, you are not an anteater, you are a guinea pig."
Calvin: "Nuh-UH!"
YumYum: "Uh-HUH!"
Calvin: " ? "
YumYum: "perhaps, with some fairy dust, ONE DAY..."
(hee-hee, got a real humdinger here, LOL! Geez-A-Loo!)

And thus, Calvin never became an anteater.
The end.
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Calvin was more "thrust upon us" than sought after..for we had just lost Erica, and were grieving,
not in the mood to "replace" her...just wanting to get through the loss while supporting younger Coconut, her best friend. They arrived here as a pair...and then there was only one.

But the folks at the Farm and Feed Store actually saved this little rescue for us because they knew he was special. Mom was like, you've GOT TO BE KIDDING! And yet she went home and dutifully pulled the GuineaPigMobile into their Loading Zone where they already had lil'Cal locked and loaded, awaiting his new life!

To keep mom from changing her mind (which they knew she would not really do) the employees executed a rapid-deployment maneuver to get Calvin, his cage, his hay, his pellets, his supplies, and everything into the back of the old Forester before she even had a chance to put on the parking brakes! Away she drove with a little, underweight, four-year-old abandoned piggie named Calvin.

Well, the folks at the Farm and Feed Store nailed this one! He is total love. When mom comes home he actually races out of his pigloo to greet her like a doggie, waiting to be petted, fawned over, and loved, loved, loved. He was apparently not raised with other cavies and is not aware that he IS one. He is not particularly interested in the rest of us guinea pigs and only has eyes for mom.
He is the first rescue about whom mom has said, "He was once deeply loved by someone."
The rest of us never had that...before coming here. But he is different. Abandoned, yet so willing
to love again!

All of us adore him. He is so gentle, so kind. But he only has eyes for mom. He kisses her softly with his little pink lips and loves being kissed back. So do we, of course, but as Raj Mahal puts it: "no goodies, no kisses; although I'd be happy to bite ya, mom! Wheek, yeah, TREATS! LOVE YOU."

Mom got herself a bargain: Instead of saving him, Calvin saved us all from the heartbreak and grief we each experienced after losing Erica. And to give Calvin a super-large cage (the one he came in was completely unacceptable) mom asked MacNutPie if he would be interested in co-ed living with Coconut...he was! And so was she, lonely without her Erica, so "the Mac" was warmly welcomed  into her sad cage, which turned it into a Happy Cage for Two again!

All because of Calvin. We call him Calvin, the small, because he is the littlest cavy in the herd. But his heart, OH, that is so big it shall remain nameless because of its size: limitless!

And we love him: Calvin brought healing, joy, playfulness, whimsy, silliness, and laughter back into our grief-stricken lives. That is the power of Guinea Pig Rescue: they rescue their rescuERS. We all have, mom says, but we know she has a real soft spot for the one who loves to kiss her irregardless of whether he receives a treat in return: he loves for the sake of Loving. Maybe we all can learn from Calvin the small, whose heart embraces all!

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