Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Friday, April 29, 2011

A MIRACLE: Guinea Pigs ARE BEING FOUND ALIVE after the tornado: More tomorrow

Posted by PicasaWe actually just received word that some of the guinea pigs living in the house the tornado blew
off its foundation are still alive! Some of the wee ratties, too! So, dream of flying guinea pigs on the
Rainbow Bridge with our beloved owlets and we will fill you in on the search and rescue mission
tomorrow! Thank all of you for support of our friends in Alabama. And, as we may have mentioned,
mom's first cousin living in Tuscaloosa also survived, the mile-long tornado missing her home by
a half mile...You won't believe the news we are is truly MIRACULOUS, so stay tuned!
(we are all taking turns because of our common love for every guinea pig rescue and rescuer.)

I Rock!

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Sunnin' Me Bum!

Sometimes this warm, bright thing flies up in the sky and beams magic through our windows and right
onto my little bum!
AAAaaaahhhh....feeels SO RIGHT!
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Sponsor a Guinea Pig: For the month of May--

Sponsor a Guinea Pig: For the month of May--

More info on our precious brothers and sisters
who got steamrolled by the tornadoes in Alabama.

Our Brothers and Sisters in Alabama Need Our Help!

Please read on. Thank you,

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Guinea Pig Connection

Guinea Pig Connection

We HAVE added this Blog to our list,
although when you press on it, it says
you are not on it. So, if you follow the
prompts, you will eventually get here!

We Have Lost a Sister Guinea Pig Rescue

Guinea Pig Connection

Hi MODS, Friends, and Loved Ones,

Usually I am punky, sarcastic, teasing you and relentlessly
trying to make you laugh at the foibles of being human.

Not today.

I am post this knowing that most of us either adopt rescued
animals or are active in service of animal rescue. 

We just lost a guinea pig rescue, most likely lost all the
guinea pigs living there as well, when a tornado struck
and actually flew away with the home and its cavy inhabitants
two days ago in Alabama.

You may not wish to read about this, or you may. The
Rescue's owner's family and dog were also injured. We
have no word yet about her "babies."

If any of you care to take a moment to send prayers,
hugs, loving horks, or Kisses their way, please do.


Cavy Couture

Uh-Oh, that looks like our Uncle Albert on the bottom right! HOLD THE PRESSES!
We take a Moment of Silence to honor our Uncle Albert who appears to be...
on...the head almost-Princess.
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