Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Thursday, May 31, 2012


Piggy People are special people
and we have invited guest blogger
Fairy to top our list of Special Piggies
before introducing our special piggie people's
This is Fairy and her Bear in her mum's
birthday box enjoying themselves 
inside before we travel to...

This is where Ingrid and Helmut
and their meeris live, can you believe
these gorgeous blossoming ponds?
Here is a close-up of water lilies...
we know this garden must be full 
of magic, wonder, and dragonflies
who flit to and fro from lily to lily!
Thank you so much, Ingrid, because
you sent these during our Winter
(two weeks ago) which has returned
so we are retreating back into your
blooming spring pond as you and
Helmut enjoy your vacation together
with Lucky and his lucky Harem of piggies!
Oh my! Who let Ian out with his shears?
Well done, Ian, brings a smile to us as well!

Oh dear, it appears that Ian
has tuckered himself out with all that 
garden work and is relaxing in the shade, 
tucked into one of Anita's birthday lawn chairs 
Fairy, Marigold, and Ian gave her...
(Psssst! That is probably coffee, not tea, but
we'll save that story for another time
when Fairy can snitch, just not right
before Fairy's birthday, you know...)

Hmmm...may be a teapot there? Hmmmm.
Now we return to the "Evergreen State"
for our In-the-City Garden!
Where piggies roam, run, chase,
popcorn, dig up fleece in search
of treasure, sniff, chase, rumblestrut,
popcorn some more, 
and Peter rides Bhindi like a 
horse (true, just haven't been able
to catch it in a pic yet) but 
quite remarkable what a cowboy
Peter-Peanut's turning out to be!

Bhindi and Peter-Peanut sniffing 
who "Ranabout" before they did...
and whether they left any delectable
"nibbles" to taste and swallow while
mom looks away in horror...
Their new, cool, fun, narrow tunnel-chase-place!
Bhindi is already worn out after chasing speedy,
wee Peter-Peanut around and around.

Enough living room for mom to throw a 
festive tea party for...a dormouse?! 

Thank you friends, near & FAR
for sharing your gardens with us as winter
returns here!
Friends, we invite you ALL to enjoy the bursting colors of freshly laundered cuddle cups, cozy plush, sleep tunnels, bright red two-doored castles with hay on top, and every kind of fun thing a piggie could ask for! 
Not bothering whether rain or shine, Imagination-filled guinea piggies treat
every day as perhaps we all should: 
as a NEW spring day
full of EXCITING opportunities 
to eat, play, love.

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