Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Open Letter in Gratitude for Grief

Dear Julianna,

You don't know us but we know you. For years we and our friends enjoyed the adventures of Wiggley and Ginger "down under" half a world away. We extend our heartfelt condolences for your losses, and we speak with the authority of a herd who have lost three amongst us, as many we take in are already sick or dying...

What you really, really don't know is that you inspired our own blog, PandaPig's Peace Sanctuary: The Way of the Guinea Pig and perhaps even new blogs our own readers have begun from the perspectives of their own four-legged do not (nor will we even pretend that we do) know the beauty, wonder, and inspiration that you, Wiggley, and Ginger have brought so many. Our personal favorite posts will remain the television reviews they offered up when they stealthily watched T.V. if you were not at home! Those posts were EPIC according to our herd (although we suspect their "getting away with something they weren't supposed to do" was really the most inspiring for the piggies; i loved the reviews!)

And now, you are informing us that Ginger and Wiggley would like their blog to continue.

So, from one of the many you have mentored, unknowingly, into the world of Guinea Pig Blogging, we send you love from YumYum, Calvin the small, Raj Mahal, Taj Mahal, Coconut, and MacNutPie! We have had you on our "Blogs We Follow" until an unfortunate incident a few days ago (o.k. maybe the Editor did it! FINE!) accidentally erased it!
As we reconstruct our new list, we are quietly grateful to bring you back into our world. And you don't even know us.

We only need you to know how loved you, Wiggley, and Ginger were and will always remain.

In Memory of Two Fine Guinea Pigs we dedicate this post to the Magnificently Creative, Talented, Loving Woman, Julianna Koh,
-and Wiggley and Ginger -

We shall Blog On! We shall continue adopting unwanted guinea pigs! And, also inspired by you, Julianna, we have started our own art business to support the Sanctuary...and the Grand Opening of the Gallery who will be featuring us is this Friday Night.


Your Friends in NORTHWestern Washington, USA, near the Canadian Border:
YumYum, the herd, and mom, Chana.

Be Good. Do Good. Love All!

Julianna's continuing adventures can be found at:

(We will now ask her permission to use the above photograph we
used without asking her permission and hope she says yes...)

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