Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Today Fairy sent me this photograph of her...and even knowing how tidy and neat she is, she still loves me when the coronet on top of my head is so mussed up!

Since mum has now taken up ALL THE MEMORY on our laptop with photographs and can no longer download pics we have taken for Fairy (until more memory miraculously appears in the mail or outer space) I had no other choice than to snitch Fairy's photograph - adding upon it my own feelings for her...
hoping she knows (OH! We know she does!) that having her in our lives has brought every single one of us ~~MagicUnimaginable~~~Hope Eternal~~~~~~
& HappyDancingPopcorningSingingWheekingJOY!
(even mum, who used the magic shovel you lovingly sent to consume a very vegan pumpkin pie in less than two days...but you didn't see that here...)

Although it's unlikely we'll get more memory for our "Magic FairyBox Photoshoot" super-soon (although you never know) we hope you envision my shameless snitchery as part and parcel of a love poem travelling visually through Cyberspace beneath the Almost-Winter-Solstice moon
where two hearts meet as ONE! (Squeeee!)
We have sooooo many MAGICS to share with all of you from Boxes Fairy has sent us...
In time, in time...

(P.S. Fairy, you know by now our mum's not so bright, and your blog posts of late have got her writing comments like the madwoman she truly is...unfortunately, since you are on the more sophisticated Bloggy-Thingy, she writes my heart out only to go"...Uh...Durrrrr....Mmmmmm.....Hmmmmm...
Sorry Raj, can't figure out how to actually post it!")
Once WE figure it out, you SHALL see our comments and swoon: please alert your mousies to catch you then...the mousies we love and adore!
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