Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Who Is Napoleon?

Mom, you got some of my fur on your camera lens but don't stop petting me, I don't care and neither should you!
But who is Napoleon and should we be worried?
And mom, I am sorry in advance for what I am going to do while you are asleep to my hay container...

Calvin the small
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Why Draw?

                           "Raven With Shield" by HoneyAntDreaming Studio...for E.E.
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We hope art can give hope, can raise spirits, can evoke
compassion from the depths of our own hearts, reaching
the eyes of all creatures, seeing each as our own brother,
our own sister, and love them as we love ourselves,
be them a mouse, an elephant, a dragonfly, a lion, a lamb.
We hope the artist becomes a better soul in pursuit of this.
We hope we can. We know we must try. We know what
will happen if we do not. What choice, now, do we have
other than to do our best, and leave the results to God?
Artists can bring awakening, awakening can bring hope,
and hope can bring action that saves lives, with faith that
even one person can make a difference. ‬‏If we don't try,
who will?

"If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking"
by Emily Dickinson

If I can stop one heart from breaking,
I shall not live in vain;
If I can ease one life the aching,
Or cool one pain,
Or help one fainting robin
Unto his nest again
I shall not live in vain."


It concerns us that with today's plummeting economy, wars, international conflicts,  global warming, and challenges which we must rise to meet if our baby pigs are to inherit the planet and future they are entitled to, that somebody is actually paying somebody to design, manufacture, and merchandise THESE FREAKS OF NATURE: HAY RACKS! WHAT THE $?

SERIOUSLY? And mom, how much art you gotta sell to buy us more o'these moronic figments of some eunuch's imagination? Huh? Cuz we doesn't like 'em & we'z gonna bust the hay out and free it...yeah, we mention our Rebellion in the following post, just wanted our dear readers to see the folly of the Hay Rack, illustrating that not only is a mind a terrible thing to waste, but this is what the waste LOOKS LIKE!

Hay Rackz: PIGZ INCOMING!!!!!!!
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Today mom called the Humane Society to check on the little dog they rescued yesterday at the gas station. She wanted to go visit her if she was still there. Which meant she would have seen Napoleon there, waiting to be adopted...and we know the rest of that story. (Cuz bro's Raj and Taj from there!)

The Humane Society was thrilled to tell mom that the little fox-doggie's owners came in two hours after she was brought in! So, fox-doggie is home, sweet home and mom didn't go to the Humane Society and adopt Napoleon, which makes us happy and sad. Happy because mom really can't care for more than six of us and sad because Napoleon would have loved being adopted today...

Instead, she called the PAWS AWHILE gift shop in fancy Fairhaven that supports the Whatcom Humane Society, who would be delighted to carry our guinea pig cards and that way we can support piggies like Napoleon without actually adopting them...which makes mom happy and sad, too, because she thinks he is really cute and would be fun to have around.

But we are cute and fun to have around and that's what we have begun doing in the evenings now that mom can't really be online watching Molly & McGee because of the migraines...
So, life GOOD in da 'Hood!

There has been one recent rebellion: she got us all hay thingys that fit on the sides of our cages to keep the hay from spreading all over the floor of the cage, mulching any wet litter and making our cages nastier. We don't want our hay "contained" and are all turning our thingies upside down, chewing on them, and were impressed to see our PirateWeddingCouple, Coco and MacNut Pies working TOGETHER to turn theirs COMPLETELY upside down! Wow, that's cooperation for a Revolutionary Cause, gotta give 'em their props: they DESERVE A PIRATE WEDDING!

So, little fox-doggie is home & safe and we are destroying our hay thingys with gusto and everyone  is happy...except for maybe Napoleon. Mom should NOT have clicked on the small animal button. Now even we feel for the little fella...hopefully he will find his forever home soon and be loved, adored, spoiled, kissed and cuddled. Because that's the life of a real PiratePig!

Mom also found out yesterday that her art is starting to sell and the gallery owner asked for a new piece she has been working on (for ten years) so maybe one day there will be room for more. (Not really, not unless she gets well...Until then, SQUEEEEEEEE!  for "Art from the Heart.")And MAY NO HAY BE CONTAINED!
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Deep Thoughts

Romaine lettuce punctuated by sweet, small, ripe tomatoes and
crispy yellow pepper: To be or not to be? That is the question.
Mistake us not for silly rodents, for we contemplate the Big Bang
and whether or not our treats could get sucked into a Black Hole...
We just don't think about it a lot. Easier to just feel the blanket's
warmth and luxuriate in our our own essence "Eau d'G-Pig" as
featured in RodentStyle's August issue:  Ah, the life we lead!

TAJ: "Mom got your name wrong on the picure, dude. I am Taj
and thou art the venerable Raj Mahal, how mellow is you now?"

"Excuse you?! OH, BLOODY HORK, did she screw that up?!"

TAJ: "Follow your bliss, Raj, you'll be fine. Trust me."
LOL, he is so screwed! And mom gonna get it...Ommm,
Just another day in Paradise!

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