Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Friday, October 12, 2012


Dear Friends, Readers, Well-Wishers,
Guinea Piggers, Brothers and Sisters,
It has been brought my attention that I do not understand the process of "How to Blog" in a way that does not make you all want to pull your hair out, scream into Clouds, throw yourselves
in front of a fast-moving train...that I "publish" the Title and Photographs then write, edit, re-write, post, edit, re-post, ad nauseum...heck, it makes me sick just thinking about it!

And I do believe my friend speaks the truth. I haven't got a freaking CLUE how to blog, never have, may never in the future, either! I used to use this thing called a typewriter and another thing, some of you may remember this one: film!? Anybody?

I actually used to touch paper, ink, film, scratch out words, change punctuation, develop film in a darkroom, hand stuff to an editor...

Well, obviously you are not enjoying the luxury of an editor if you read any of my blogs since I rant on and on whereas back in the old days they would say "You have so & so many words for this" and each double-spaced, typed page (I think, so this really is something I'm making up) was about 500 words...


What I did not know, however, is how frustrating this "creative process" (hee-hee!) is for you, our readers and friends. 

So! One day I will learn how to Blog properly
O.K. seriously, if you have read anything here, you know that's about as likely to happen as World Peace. Do we Want World Peace? OF COURSE. (Well, lots of us do.)
It gonna happen? Yeah, when I figure out how to use a laptop. Which gonna be NEVER. And it's not my fault, either, because a bunch o'crackheads in Silicon Valley and up north here
at Microsoft wait...wait...just for shits & giggles they wait until they figure the average Joe or
Joe-Girl is getting her head wrapped around a certain thing they have programmed then they throw a party and MAKE IT BETTER! 

Like politicians drawing lines on a piece of paper to delineate what they call "countries" that only separate and divide people and make them hate each other and go to war. It's only lines on a piece of paper but look at all the damage those lines do! (lots.) 

So, I apologize. And suggest you wait a day or three after I first post-a-post to read it because it will have reincarnated many times before I forget about it and move on. It might be safe then to read and assume you are getting the final edit.

Blame it on us old-school photojournalists. If you did it for real you probably don't have a job today in the profession. Nobody I know does anymore. If you are/were a dentist or rich and did it as a hobby and could/can afford all the latest/greatest iThings, you are probably taking the best pictures either out in the field or with Photoshop.

Either way, I still have that film stuff in my freezer from 1983, Kodachrome, and a pencil and paper with lines.

So don't expect things around here to improve much. Just didn't realize that this process is so aggravating for readers, and I really do wish you could come here and have a delightful experience. Until then (like, until NEVAH!)
We really do appreciate you taking the time to drop by and let us become a part of your lives.

Chana & the Pirate Pigs

(Our motto is: "Never let incompetence keep you from doing something stupid.")
That's our story and we're sticking to it!

"Who Loves Ya, Baby? Yum-Yum
Loves Ya!"  We really do.

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