Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mom Lies...

Mom lies. We all know it. Mom knows it. She keeps telling us, "This the LAST TIME!"
But it never is.

She lied again today. Walked with her cane - not even her walker - straight into ARTISANS Gallery where her two favorite people were busy getting ready for Friday night, Jesse and Rick. Mom teased him so mercilessly about something last month (remind us to tell you what, cuz he really deserved it!)
that he says, "Uh-Oh, Here comes TROUBLE!"

That nickname seems to follow her...when she and Edwin were learning Kung Fu from Bruce Lee's first student and close friend, Jesse Glover, back in Seattle, he called her that, too. The "other" Jesse (whose booth mom sits at the Saturday Farmer's Market) was leaned way over a table hanging a painting but eeked out a nice hello.

Let the Lies Begin!

She told Rick she had great news! Lots of new cards, LOTS AND LOTS! Rick was so happy he showed her the rotating 6 foot or so beautiful wooden card thingy her work was in and revealed an entirely new, unfilled wall. He said since she was bringing in so much new work, he would actually move the whole thing into the MIDDLE of the gallery so EVERYONE COULD SEE ALL THE NEW CARDS!

She also told him about two new paintings, which received equal respect...think he said something about the "debut" of all the new work. WOW, HOW EXCITED IS MOM?

not too much.


she lied. straight up LIED.

does she even have new cards? yes. she does.
wherefore art them? pieces, in different places, photos here, cardstock there, envelopes somewhere else, clear plastic they go in mebbe in one of our cages, who knows?

are any of them made and ready to place in the Glorious Spotlight Rick is creating just for her?
You decide.

And about those paintings...
do they exist? yes.
are they framed and ready to hang?
not until a few hours ago when the framer called and told her they were.
She has known Paul for many years, he framed her work for the last gallery she was in.
So, for that many years, Paul has casually informed her that jobs like hers "take time and they need at least such-and-such amount of time for those jobs in the future." Paul's a great guy and his frame shop is way cool.
She says: "You betcha, Paul, thanks for this ONE time!" off she goes.
Until the next month.
And the next.
Paul gonna start locking his door when he sees her coming in the future, electronically, so he can hide. We just KNOW IT!

Where she now? lying on the floor, not a one card ready, no framed pictures picked up, just wants to climb into bed.

That is the fate of liars: they need to climb into bed. But not to sleep. To hide.

Mom, you can run and you can sleep, but you can't hide. We know who you are
and we know where you live and we know what you did. And we know you
are a repeat offender, too!

Wish us luck since tomorrow is the big FIRST FRIDAY ARTWALK EXTRAVAGANZA FEATURING...lies. Wonder how they gonna look in that pretty card rack?

"In my defense, it is simply procrastination and I know that I have ADHXDZ SYNDROME, WHERE YA CAN'T FOCUS ON DOING ONE TASK AT A TIME!"

Mom, you tell lies one at a time...just sayin'
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