Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Will Arrive and Soon We Will Be Trees


Don't have to make no sense!

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Dear Friends, MODS, Country Men and Women, Ferrets, and Seattle Seahawks,

Since the recent passing of our beloved Erica last week, the herd has been
subdued and grieving, looking for her...not understanding...

The worst part is that when they did begin to understand, Coconut's grief
was so intense she simply stopped eating and drinking in an attempt to join
her best friend...

MacNutPie squealed bloody murder.

YumYum cried.

Raj and Taj Mahal just ran around tumping over their Pigloo,
wondering why.

But Coconut was at risk, for guinea pigs are known to die of grief
and not eating and drinking speeds that process up to just a few days...

In desperation, after a playful Runabout together, we did an experiment
because we had also noticed Coconut and MacNutPie consoling one another
through the bars of their we moved MacNut from his bachelor
pad into Coconut's cage...With trepidation.

So far, the two appear to be not only good room-mates, herd-mates, and
playmates, but we sense love in the air...

A spring wedding is already being planned and invitations will be sent
to all via fledging owlets, HORKS optional.

SQUEEE! Our First Wedding with Cake4all: a luscious Celery red-and-yellow
pepperPIE cake with carrot/kale frosting and beets a la wheatgrass!
(HORKS NOT OPTIONAL for two-legged attendees.)

It does not lessen our grief but love just saved two lives
and brightened our day!

Yours Always,
P.S. I grieve by viciously attacking other guinea pigs.
So it doesn't look like I will be getting married, but
mom snuggles me a lot. And we watch Jackie Chan movies
together on the laptop. WOOT-WOOT!
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