Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

YumYum Yummy!

Posted by PicasaYumYum lucks out getting all the wheatgrass to himself!  Life is good, even for a little piglet.

3 Guinea Pigs: One Wheatgrass - UH OH!

When a runabout includes one wheatgrass and 3 pigs...a little skirmish is bound to happen because Bear the BeaverPig wants the whole crop for himself. He's already got a big butt (he's the one with the big butt) so we  protect him from himself by standing our ground. Or... let him chase off Wee Willie Winkey (my nickname for YumYum) so I can jump out of my box and claim it all for myself, wheeking "PandaPig the Conqueror! King of the WORLD!"
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We Create Abstract Art!

Our favorite thing to do is play together outside our cage, especially when food is involved. Sometimes we get carried away. O.K. we really don't care. We run, play tag, turn our boxes upside down, race through our "Pigloo" (Mom cut an extra hole in it so we can run through it and if anybody is resting in it they get run over.) We really don't care. Runabout is a carefree time and we think this is reflected in the careful composition of our latest masterpiece, "We Really Don't Care." Why should we? MOM cleans it up, not us!
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"The Love for All Living Creatures"

"The love for all living creatures is the noblest attribute of man."

Charles Darwin said this and we pigs all know it's true. What he did not say is that being loved BY unwanted little furballs (US!) is the greatest joy in mom's life. She was very lonely before we came along to keep her amused, laughing, giggling, and loved!  She calls us "The Pigolletos" when we play so hard she stops whatever she is doing to join the fun!  Which will THEN include FOOOOOOD, too! We don't call the littlest one "YumYum" for nothing! 

"wheeeeek!" And there goes mom to the fridge!

We share everything with her and she often whispers into our tiny, floppy ears: "Well now, it appears that the one who really got rescued here is ME!"

So, now may we introduce the newest pigolleto:  "Bear, the BeaverPig," rescued on Christmas Eve, 2009. Given up by his owners for being old, fat, unhealthy, and simply not worth caring for, Mom came home on Dec. 23rd and told us, "An old guinea pig smiled at me today. But he is already 5 and your lifespans are only 5-7, and he is sick and has been neglected for a very long time, maybe always. What I mean is, he might not live long. What do you think?"

YumYum wheeked: "SAVE HIM! WE WANT! WE WANT!" and I hopped up and down with glee.
"This might be more like guinea pig hospice, y'all, he really isn't in good shape. But he does deserve to experience love before he goes, especially over the holidays and New Year, I suppose..." mom mused.


Mom called her rescue friend and asked if she was crazy or should we bring a dying pig into our home. "He smiled at me," mom explained. Her friend kindly said, "Then it sounds as if he is already in your heart, sweetie."

Mom sighed, brought him home Christmas Eve, and then there were 3.

And she was not alone during the holidays. And SHE did not feel sad. And Bear grew silky and healthy and affectionate, and taught us all really fun tricks to do with boxes and hay and stuff he had taught himself during his lonely life to keep himself amused and hopeful.

He saved us all. And now we are 3. We love Bear, the Beaver Pig and he loves us all right back!
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