Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Today, Ingrid and Helmut's beloved (and ours and Fairy's) 
precious Meeri-Boy is fading.
Ingrid finds her own heart where ours has been living,
where Fairy and her own mum and dad's has been living,
so we all know that Place and have become so close
that when one heart breaks it is like a domino
effect causing us all to feel the acute loss
and agony of that far as we know
at this moment, little Meeri-Boy is still
holding on. He is eight years old!
Well, with a harem of seven...
he had just recently lost one, too...
And console the aching hearts
of Ingrid and Helmut who
face the inevitable decision if
Meeri-Boy does not make it
for himself. We have all
walked that path, those of
us who have had the pleasure to
love have also had to dig deep
to find the courage to let go,
nobody warns us! We love,
we are so HAPPY and know
it to be NEVER-ENDING,
And it isn't, really...
It just changes shape, goes
into us and rests within,
surrounded by a garden
of delicate flowers called LOVE,
watered by our own salty tears.

We chose to allow our feelings
instead of repressing them.
And so we also allow our
sympathetic hearts to
travel to Bavaria and
make a cup of tea,
hug, hold Ingrid's hand,
and just be with them,
just be with them all.
And share our hankies.

For there is a Time for
Every Season Under Heaven.

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{Short-Track Champion Alison Baver}
A Champion IN HER OWN RIGHT! what if she was also his girlfriend for awhile...
Today mom's physical therapist came. Some new problems
have developed. He doesn't know why and neither does mom.
So she pulled out her short-track speedskating calendar 
and looked into his eyes, pointed to the pictures and said:
"I used to do this, THIS! I want to do this again, let
me do this again because it was the hardest balancing
I ever did so let's DO IT!"
She loves her physical therapist.
He thumbed through the calender
(that Edwin had littered with stickers all over Every
Single Photograph, his name and address label,
like a dog pees on every single fire-hydrant) so
mom might have called him a name but she
conveniently "doesn't remember"
except the only thing she loved as much
as being in the mountains was the feeling
you get IN THE ZONE...because
now she walks like Frankenstein!
But has a goal...waiting.
And a calendar
As if she doesn't know Edwin's address
after they moved in together in 1992~?!

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