Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Meet our mice-on-the-street-Anchor-Vermin
for "K-Rodential.TV" in Florida covering
the sunshine, hurricane,   BumPublican Convention.
LIVE! (depending on the hurrycane)
"Oh, what fun this shall be! La-Dee-Dah!"
explain Jon and Pom Stew-It who will be providing
in-depth reportage on scandals, fandangos, fauz pas,
inappropriate comments caught when delegates thought the microphones were off, texting, Twittering,
and over-the top HotAir "Patriotic" BallyHoo-ing & wild
flag-waving from the Convention floor for our readers,
followed, if not preceded,
with up-to-the-minutia Commentary (ad nauseum)
from political pundits following each event!
What could be funner?
We particularly expect news about the salad, munchies,
hurrycane, but aren't too worried with Convention Delicates
such as New Joyzee Governor Chris Christie, keynote speaker (?)
who may prove valuable ballast to augment sandbags
anchoring down the convention center floor during
the highest winds and rain, flooding, so forth and
what-not...although we are already experiencing severe
technical difficulties due to our incompetent I.T. Specialist
(mom, who crashed the computer) but we shall persevere despite mom to ensure our readers receive all the news not fit to print
and much, much less: We promise you WILLNOT be disappointed
Count on It!
Jon and Pom back at the top o'the Hour,
So Stay Tuned!
We do sincerely pray for the safety of all
in the hurricane's path, particularly our dear friend,
Gizmomma and her lil'Giz living right smack in the path...
Godspeed and Blessings,
precious friends, we do worry and send ceaseless love and
good, positive vibes from all your MODS' hearts to yours.)
Giz, we love you!
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