Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

McNugget Sketch

Bhindi here. Did you know that I am an
artist? This is my first drawing of Vinny,
who I have nicknamed McNot-Nugget for
his lack of "Nuggentia." Not only that, he
never grew up and remains a silky baby boy.

I am in my "representational phase" since
"LackMacNuggets" runs so fast he cannot sit 
still long enough to pose for my "realism" phase.
And, as the WheekGrass turns, he is a mystic!
Mom was recently given some mystic Sufi videos 
to watch by someone who visited Turkey and India a long 
time ago and when the whirling dervish music started 
Mr. Mystic McNo-NuggetZ was eating a BIG leaf of 
romaine lettuce in mom's lap: His jaw dropped and he 
remained in a genuine Romaine Trance until the music 
and whirling dervishes were over, then resumed chewing.

That is why I drew him.
We are not exactly certain what we have here.
What do YOU think?
Fairy, we are off to read your newest blog post
now. Love you. Love you ALL! Nighty-night,
don't let the dervishes bite!

P.S. We noticed that GOOGLE and PICASSA and lots of things have started doing things we do not understand like turning certain words red and underlining certain words and we cannot even leave comments on our own blog. We don't know why. We didn't do it!

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