Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Guess what? I am so happy and excited, mom moved me from the Sanctuary in the living room into the bedroom right by her bed today. And it's great! She got stuck in there with a migraine and was so bummed out (not that the sun was actually SHINING, mind you, just that it wasn't raining!) and it gave her anxiety not be able to go she moved me in with her to pet me all the time and put me in my special kitten bed with my special blanket you see here, and when I get in it I like to tell her all about my day unless there's a treat for me to eat instead of just sounds like fussing, not really fussing, I just like storytelling until I fall asleep on her hand and then she can't pull her hand out without waking me up and getting me fussing again. So, despite having figured out that the respiratory infection that moved in last October MAY be possibly but probably not, O.K. probably is that she is allergic to our hay (and maybe even us and our dander, but try giving Calvin the small a bath and see how small I is!) who cares? Now mom and I are room-mates. I never really felt like a guinea pig because I was bonded to a human once who loved me very, very much a long, long time ago...but stopped, I dunno why. That human's room-mate couldn't stand watching me be neglected and kidnapped me to the Farm Store where they saved me for mom. And the room-mate, they said, comes by sometimes to ask about me he felt so bad about the way I got treated and they assured him how happy I am! And now it's even better because I get to hear mom sneeze all night, pretend she is waking me up, fuss, and get treats special, only me, Calvin the small. It was a good day for Calvin. Sweet Dreams.
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Bellevue family rewrites nursery rhyme: WRENS NEST IN OLD SHOE!

Bellevue family rewrites nursery rhyme | Community Spirit | Bellevue News

We don't have any old big shoes because if we did,
we would just eat them, mom says...but this is cool!

Great weather to run in your undies

Great weather to run in your undies



Need Summer...Please!

We piggies is always on the go! We got people to see, places to go, waves to kayak, orcas to visit, islands to inhabit,
mountains to climb, rivers to tumble down in our canoes, so would you PLEASE HURRY UP? The Solstice is only
some weeks coming and then the days will begin getting SHORTER again?! This is not right. We protesteth! Let us
wee piggies haveth fun, let us dance on the whitecaps waiting for seabirds to wave as they sail by...O.K. we like
staying at home, but mom wants to go out and then she'd feel better...summer, will you at least think about it?
Thank you.
the Pale Piggies of Bellingham
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