Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Gonna be a wee pirate, i am, i sez!
 Gonna get you, juicy wettermelon,
Gonna get you good!

"mr. wettermelon, go back to England and
tell them there that Scotland's daughters and sons
are yours no more. Tell them that Scotland is free."

"Boy, first of all, that is just a watermelon, 
a fruit (like you seem to be.) 

Second, you're quoting
Mel Gibson from "Braveheart," 
Third of all we're not in Scotland, 
we're BellinghamsterPigZ!

Oh! For the love of fresh romaine lettuce,
 we is in for it now...done for, done for.
We need Zombies now: where they at?"

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'Allo-'Allo, Father-of-Fairy!
Dear Friends, 
You probably didn't believe Fairy really lives in a thatched cottage in England, the kind we all read 
about in the Fairytales of our child and adulthoods, well, BOO TO YA, mates!
(O.K. that may not be the thatched one but 
there is a thatched one we've seen it!)
Because this really is her home and that's her
Daddy, Ian, inventor of the largest shovel in the world which got into the Guinness Book of World Records until someone else felt compelled to copy it and make it a few inches larger seeking his (we hope ) own name and fame, but the thing is, this is where Fairy will be celebrating her 3rd birthday
the ENTIRE MONTH OF JUNE which we shall be covering in preparation of our OlympiGs coverage coming to you direct from London and
what-not, so-forth, so-on, you see?

Not only that, but Ingrid and Helmut oh ye senders of authentic Bavarian chocolat are on vacation and will be visiting Ingrid's hometown of Salzburg, so we hope to feature a photo essay on her Day Away from the Meeris and we don't yet know whether the dackels will be going along or not...but feel sure they will tell (and hopefully SHOW us all about it!)

As for us...we have heard of a book trilogy called Ten Shades of Grey or something and that pretty much sums up our weather here! We have sun-bursts now and then to tease us into believing that we are still alive before Mr. & Mrs. Blustering WestWind set their sights upon us and mom is going out of (what little remains of) her mind  putting summer clothes where her winter clothes were hanging, then getting her winter clothes back out, then doing it a few more times...
(all in one day) so she surrendered, leaving  summer where it was all winter and winter where it was all have to live here to "get it."
Every Shade of Gray/ the way, since 
we haven't read the books, are they vampires, too?
Just wondering.
MR. FAIRY-DADDY, WE LOVE RED, DOES ANYTHING COME in red besides tractors and this thing we have heard of called "sunburn?" 
love you all!
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