Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Gabriel & Stanley--Original Version

We hope you enjoy this as much as we do,
courtesy of our dear friend, Marifan!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Missing Kezia...


Beautiful Coconut in a moment of quiet repose while she dreams
of Kezia, Ellie, and Kathy coming out for a visit in two years...
Can hardly wait to see them and sit on Kezia's lap for a treat
and lots of petting and purring...

Kezia gave Coconut her name and sometimes she wishes that
they could be together.
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yum-Yum, Please Name an Owlet "Angowla Lansbury"


I love owls and cavies...

Secretly Lurking since 1952...

Your Favorite Actress Forever,
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YumYum here and YO, MODS! What about US? We have
been listening and watching all this since First
Clutch, giving us the rare distinction of
"Classic Cavies" and what up with not letting us
name any of the owlets?

By now there's, thirty? I said we
were CLASSIC! Not "CLASSY" but we got good taste
and if one MOD says we also taste good you will
be hunted down and attacked by the mob of baby
ladybugs who have infested our apartment over the
winter to stay warm! And no references to Dyson,
either! (Kilk, we are not naming names, Kilk, so
don't feel as if KILK we are KILK picking KILK
on you KILK just because we saw your hamster/Dyson
post KILK yesterday on the Stream. Mom lets us
lurk, y'know!) KILK. We will let the person KILK
responsible for that remark KILK remain anonymous.

We now have a race to run. I am naming the next
owlet "Owlanga Lansbury" and a helicopter is hovering
above us now looking for something or someone so we
better scurry back to our Pigloos and Cuddle-Cups...
Cavy Racing not exactly legal in the City of Subdued

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Now Appearing on Our New Postage Stamp!


We introduce you to our newest contributor, Richard Engel, of NBC fame...
turns out our little fella got a soft spot for guinea pigs and has offered
to report on the goings-ons at PandaPig'sPeaceSanctuary. Lucky us! Lucky mom!
He so pretty, we love him!
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Waiting For Spring...

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That's MY Cuddle Cup! I WANTS it!

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She Rescues Us

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Erica has turned out to be
"the CuddlePig" of the herd
mom has been longing for.
She is sweet, sweet therapy,
wrapped in her fuzzy blanket
enjoying the petting and little
kisses she receives. The only
problem is that Erica is Such
A Lady that when she needs to
pee, she tries so hard to hold
it that it hurts and she gets
squirmy and has to be rushed
back to her cage for relief.

None of the boys have ever
considered that before.
I doubt we ever will.

But that is only one of the
elegant traits this stunning
lioness possesses: she is all love.

And she heals us of our own loneliness
and despair whenever we feel down and blue.
We love our golden beauty, named after mom's
friend, Eric, although it's possible he still
thinks she is a hamster. But, that's another story.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Our Baby Girl

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I Love Being Me!


MacNutPie Piggie, yeah, that's me and I love being myself, you can
see the confidence I exude because there is only one MacNutPie
and I am he. Life is good when you're me, little MacNutPie.
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Remember us trying to explain what "popcorning" is? Well, here ya go!
I am just enjoying the show, because Raj is so happy he is "Up In The Air"
and soon I will be, too.

MacNutPie Piggie
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When We Say "Runabout" We MEAN It!


Playing chase is so much fun when you have friends to do it with.
Me and Raj Mahal, ya, we become some good friends and with the girls,
too, we get to Runabout and chase them, too, because nobody chatters
their teeth and acts real crazy, we just chase each other and sniff
everything we leave on the carpet to see if it's ours or not.
We like that. We like having each other, we like being six, we like
being "a herd" because being together makes us happy.

MacNutPie Piggie
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Thursday, February 10, 2011



Ever since mom's buddy-pal Susan had her first grandson one year ago and then
Eric had his beautiful baby girl last month, mom has been on this "maternal
mental health breakdown" where she suddenly wants to hold a baby in a blanket
in her arms on the bed and just snuggle. Who gets to stand in as the baby?

Will give you ONE guess...

HOLY HORK-CHOPS, ROBIN, WHERE'S BATMAN? I am, admittedly, one stunning golden
swirly beauty of a piggie and definitely the gentlest, most considerate snuggler,
given my heroic efforts not to pee on mom or the "swaddling blanket" but I must
fulfill my destiny as a LionessPig by roaming the apartment stalking elusive
migratory heads of crispy romaine lettuce, bright orange carrots, fresh wheatgrass,
cucumber, yellow bell peppers, kale,... because I am a hunter, a discoverer
of the most hidden sweet and juicy fresh, organic vegetables! For the herd...
all for the good of the herd. I am not only gorgeous and Oh-S0-Soft, but heartbreakingly altruistic at heart.

Please, won't you support my efforts to "be me" and send mom something, anything, that is warm, cuddly,
will not pee or hork on her. ("Vote For Molly" straight jackets will also be considered.)

MoSt GrAtEfulLy yOuRz,

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According to Beautiful Little Erica Piggie...This BLOG is about to get Very Weird!

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And now, for a little Oscar Wilde:


'Nuff said. Thanks, Oscar. You would have made a splendiferous woman.
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


WOWEE, these are the most amazing, beautiful, slow motion doggies
filmed on something called a Phantom Camera...when mom wasn't home,
we calls up Amazon, see, and we orders one
fo'ourselves so we can make our own movie for you, 'cuz ain't
nothin' more beautiful and breathtaking than a guinea pig popping*
in slo-mo, baby! Who is beautiful and knows it? WE DOES! BOO-YA!

Auntie Ann, thanks for turning us on to this!!!

*Popping short for "Popcorning" a fast, spastic, flight into the air
or outer space when a piggie is so happy he cannot contain his glee!
Piggies "popping" into the air through pure joy resemble popcorn.
(Hey, don't ask me, that's just what they calls it?!)

Taj Mahal: The (High) Soprano!


Recently we enjoyed a visit from Edwin, who came
up from Seattle and taught us many things. He does
not sleep at night, so mom had thrown a mattress
adjacent to our cages and told him: "Knock yourselves
out!" instead "Good night, dears."

It wouldn't have mattered. Because Edwin taught us
how to escalate our "Dragon Behavior" to levels
guaranteed to get what we want outta mom, which may
at least partially explain why mom and Edwin live
90 miles apart!

Nonetheless, our sleep-time was quite an awakening!

We learned many new strategeries, primary among them,
NOISE! Because anyone who knows migraineurs (mom's
fancy-pants name she said the doctors use for those
who enjoy chronic daily migraines) i said,
everyone knows migraineurs HATE NOISE AND BRIGHT LIGHT!
(like vampires, if ya ask me, ever been any studies done?

So, Edwin coached us in the fine art of "Octave Raising"
wherein our "Wheeeeks" turn into Whistles which rise to
higher octaves the longer it takes our migraineur mom
to get h'self to the fridge and bring us our TREATS!

It's all about the food, man.

Turned out that Raj, besides his uncanny ability to
imitate Molly the Owl (some guinea pigs ACTUALLY DO
HAVE THE ABILITY TO CHIRP! so can Erica!) but Raj can
whine in a high C so obnoxious that it sends mom
scrambling to the fridge to saved h'self! VOILA!

We get what we want, mom drives Edwin back to the bus
station and makes sure he STAYS ON THAT BUS, and we
look forward to his next visit! It has earned us the
new moniker (compliments of author MOD Meme) "dragons"
which we wear proudly, remembering Bruce Lee was a
dragon and what guinea pig doesn't want to be like Bruce
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Recent Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest

Recent Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest

While we can't honestly say we understand this, we did feel it!
Mom's bed shook and it felt like a cat jumping on it. But we
are us and the cats live with Edwin in Seattle, so it was some
kind of confusing. Until Ann said: "No, you really did have an

Mom remembers one that happened at Ann's house. We were sitting
around her kitchen table when her kitty tore off running around
and around the bungalow like crazy! And mom asked Ann how her
kitty could make the whole house shake like that, like, what
kinda kitty WAS THIS?

Duh, don't blame the kitty! It was an earthquake. Even today
mom blamed the kitty and we don't even have one! Just us,
and Taj has learned how to escape from our owlie play-pen!

AnnieBanani, we miss having "The Voice of Reason" in our lives,

Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Whada-whada-whada-Whad's Dis?"

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If I look guilty of something, remember this: I didn't do it.
I never do.
Thank you,
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After hay, bedding, litter, pellets, poo, and unidentified flying poo-shaped
objects surrounded all our cages after RunAbouts, mom went and found this
cool little owl rug that can be washed in the washing machine! Now instead
of running about outside our cages, she moves our cages out into a "wagon
train" kind of circle, installs our little fence, hops in the middle to bond
with us, and...all that matters to US: BRINGS BREAKFAST!

SQUEEEEEeeeeeeeeee! We happy, she happy, everybody havin' a good time now!
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Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Uh, hey mom, EXCUSE ME? But Raj just stole my lettuce!"

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"I asking nicely, too."

That pretty, metrosexual, multi-colored dude may be
easy on the eyes, but beneath that "CoverPig" veneer
lurks one sneaky food-thief! All da handsome ones is
like dat! They's so full o'they's own pretty but - believe me -
underneath that deceptively colorful fur they's unscrupulous: And he my brother!
Thinks he looks like Fabio, yA, RIGHT.
Gonna Get Him Back, yeah, when he ain't expecting it,
gonna snatch his fat, juicy,organic orange carrot and run wid it like a wild stallion
galloping across the wind-swept prairies where the land meets the Big Sky...
Yup, that a plan!
I make a FABULOUS stallion! Squeeee, gonna be AWESOME!

"Mom! Raj is Stealing My Lettuce...Again. Help!"


Just 'cause he pretty don't mean a thing
'Cause he ain't got that swing...all swagger and thievery!
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