Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Coconut here. Don't know what the boyZ been talking about and don't wanna know.
We lady sows are above it. I intend to remain positive and wait for YumYum to bring
home the #1 Book Award he has been promising us for weeks. Then eat it!

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Recently, YumYum and Eric experienced a major breakthrough in their brotherhood when Eric actually - for the first time since high mountain soul-searching hiking with YumYum last year - used the word "piggy" instead of "hamster." We were deeply touched. Delighted the whole herd!
Normally, we are happy for our friends when they win awards. But, in light of Eric's grace under fire (YumYum was ready for another backpacking trip with Eric and he was PACKIN'!) we realize that we are really excited and WANT HIM TO WIN
The San Diego Book Awards Association FIRST PRIZE for "Molly the Owl." YumYum and the herd sending our Eric a big SHOUT OUT and YOU GO, SURFER DUDE! and can hardly wait to see the award he promised to send YumYum to make up for all the hamster jokes.

As we said, "grace under fire." And we want TOP award, Eric, so get on it!

Sincerely Your Friend,
YumYum and his pet slave

P.S. for those of you on pins and needles about last night's "DIY Procedure" YumYum came out of it with a clean bottom, a nice mani/pedi, lots of love, and...well, one look at the site and no crime was committed because the smell alone was too scary. Eric, this has nothing to do with you, so do NOT read anything but this post, please. Otherwise...

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There are times my good looks get mom sidetracked from where ON me she looks...and, judging from her pathetic attempt at "Do It Yourself Fecal Anal Impaction Removal" I shall remain beautiful. Nobody un-impacts MacNutPie!

In fact, I may even propose to Coconut...planning a cavy wedding would keep mom's idle mind out of the gutter and into June pet wedding magazines; yeah, think I gonna do it...who doesn't love a June wedding? Besides Coconut...she been bossy lately, but I find it an attractive quality, a liberated sow who knows her mind and ain't afraid to express h'self!

Would a twisty-tie suffice as a toe-ring engagement ring?