Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Psychic Octopus Sparks Controversy After Reportedly Picking Spain to Beat Germany - World Cup -

Psychic Octopus Sparks Controversy After Reportedly Picking Spain to Beat Germany - World Cup - "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

PandaPigSanctuary has issued an official invitation to Paul to take refuge here with the vegan guinea
pigs who would never throw him into a frying pan and would work to find him a mate in one of the
Giant Pacific Octopus Ladies living off our octopus friendly coastline. Paul, your psychic abilities may
not be appreciated in Germany but the Americans never really had a chance, so we'd love to host
you should you care to swim "across the pond" into friendlier waters.

P.S. Please be sure to avoid the Gulf of Mexico. Thank you.

Pigs for Paul


It was inevitable...when Fluffy first went to her forever home it was so quiet and peaceful, plus we piggies regained 100%
of mom's attention...and it was good.

But, mom is known to have delayed reactions to events that overwhelm her. So, knowing this time would come, we hatched
a plan: Raj and Taj agreed to act like they were getting tame by climbing onto mom's lap when they hung out together in our Runabout pen and- for awhile- it worked. But this week mom didn't get out because of being in bed with a migraine, and she didn't have much else to think about... that is never good!

She (O.K. FINE! ALL OF US) recognized how much we really did love that fluffy grey ball of feline fun and sweetness...and we all felt pretty sad this week, missing her an awful lot, to our surprise!

Mom cried, so the Mahals tried even harder to convince her they were tame, crawling up on her lap, letting her brush and grooom them (except Raj freaks when his "tailfeathers" come out in the comb because they are matted) but we all played with mom and purred and popcorned and did not complain about the heat, and let her have her headache without making more than the usual demands...LOVE US MORE, FEED US MORE, PLAY WITH US MORE!

TODAY we are finally feeling better so mom joined us in defiantly messing up the house because for the third or fourth time the "suits" from the (LOL!) "Management Co."  (hee-hee, they are so funny!) have issued yet more inspection notices - although, they have yet to come ONCE - (everything is breaking in our place, every day it's something new) so we are not cleaning up!

Instead, we are now going to bed. And dream of a quiet night of no Harley-Davidson's gunning their engines, no construction noise waking us up, no drummers banging and pounding on their drums and cymbals after
10 p.m., no fireworks in the parking lot directed towards our windows, no calling 911 and not having the intercom work to let them in, dreaming that the elevator will work, the dishwasher will work, the fridge won't go Arctic and freeze all our food again, the kitchen cabinets will not fall off, the electrical outlet will not come completely out of the wall, nobody calls the police for any reason, nobody lurks outside glaring into our windows waiting for a glimpse of mom, and kids dressed like the the terrorists from the Munich massacre do not over-run the parking lot, knock over recycle bins, trash cans, or throw things off the upper floors down at the parked cars taking refuge here. Faux refuge. Not to mention worse things we won't mention.

We residents are going to unite and overthrow the management company and demand certain things!
One day. Maybe.

Special thanks to the Whatcom Fire Department for putting out the "hot spots" of fire simmering in the front entrance to our building on the night of July 4th.  Fortunately, we only saw the rockets aimed at us from the BACK of the building. One can only take so much...

We aren't on Scudder Pond anymore...sigh.

Tonight, right now, we are going to sleep. Tomorrow is another day: sigh.

love, Yum-Yum
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