Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

O.K.> Who Got Coconut Barefoot and Preggers? Inquiring Minds Want to Know: NOW!

OUR once peaceful Sanctuary is no longer peaceful, no longer a Sanctuary...Coconut was secretly 
"with childs, lot of childs" - (HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY? you CANNOT BE SERIOUS!) -
and here we'd been teasing her about her muffin top all this time...OOPSIE-DOODLE!

Richard, proud of his burgeoning new family, suddenly remembered a BREAKING NEWS story out of
Pakistan so rapidly deployed hisself on jets generously donated by Lori for our wedding:  Giz NAILED this shot of his sorrowful good-bye as the Blue Angels whisked him to the Far Middle East, high into the deep, blue sky. {Featured next post, WHAT A SHOT!}

Leaving us with One Intriguing Question? Who is the "lucky" progenitor, from whose loins so many cavies have spring?

* Mac the NutPie - after his neuter, yet before his gregarious widdle tadpoles bit the dust?

*Unneutered Calvin, the small, who was imprinted at birth with humans and has no recollection whatsoever of having ever even BEEN a guinea pig?

*Immaculate Conception (Coconut's version, and now she requests being called Coconut, Oil the Virgin!)

We suspect a Royal Intruder  and Our money is on Harry after Pippa ditched him! Not that they were ever
even an "item" but, still...Beatrice's hat blinded all who laid eyes upon its subliminal, hypnotic message to
"Be Fruitful and Multiply Cavies."

YumYum is now AlphaPigChief of No-longer-a-Herd, Yet Not QUITE a Conquering Army of Cavy SEALS! and wethinks he be likin' it!

Who loves ya, Baby?
Apparently we don't have details, but a lot more lovin' going on than anyone imagined!

P.S. Don't even bother to press/click to enlarge THIS photo...the pain just isn't worth it.
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Richard Returns to Benghazi In Style!

Thank you, GizMomma, for capturing this once-in-a-lifetime image to etch forever in our memory dear Richard's reaction to our new Piglets...Supportively, he handed us his NBC American Express Card, took one look at his surprised family and - rushing out the door, told us to "knock ourselves out," adding that
"You guys manage to make Libya look good!"

Then, before we even knew it...*poofity-doo* the honeymoon was over...
leaving Coconut barefoot and pregnant...
Well, preggers-NO'MO!
Hmmm..."NoMo" rhymes with something, someone...but WHOM? OR WHO?
Rings a bell., though..whose name resembles "NO-MO?" Oh, nevermind.
Cheerio, Richard, we love that new look: the wind-blown, desert hair you now sport LIVE on
NBC Nightly News...Please give our love to the humpity-backed camels we so adore!

Commencement training for our own CavySEALS starts as soon as their tails have grown sufficiently long. Duh-HUH?

YumYum reporting from The West Wing of Panda Pig's Sanatorium...SANCTUARY, WE MEANT
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And when we say BIG, we actually mean...HOLY MOTHER OF HORKS! big.
Thank you.
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"Ripples of Stillness"

Mom is going to bed for awhile and, other than care for us, will be resting...since her version of rest seems to include
lots of getting up and down for ginger ale, crackers, and to check on us, yet she insists she is not moving, we bring you
this image of what "not moving" looks like to us as we observe mom's continuous "not moving..."
We have named it: "The Zen of Illness: Bedridden"
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