Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our Very Own VERY SPECIAL Holiday Stamps!

You like? At My Shop they feature the most unique designs we
have ever seen! All designs were made with real guinea pig poo turned into ART!
That's what we love about ART! Since all purchases help support guinea pigs,
we think Poo Gifts are the most romantic way anyone can say "I love you"
over the Holidays or any day. Are we right? Of course we're right!
Mom is gunnin' for the stamps to send her cards to everyone she knows
because they represent how special her friends are.
If you are fortunate enough to receive a card with a guinea pig poo stamp,
save it, for it means you are loved.
By a sick and twisted friend.
Nighters All, Dream of Poo!
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So Many Piggies...SO MUCH LOVE!

   "Making the world a nicer guinea pig at a time."

This is the motto of cavymadness, whose link is featured in our "Blogs" link to the right >>>
They describe themselves as "...a new pig-person's gateway to the world of guinea pigs."
And that hat they are, plus SO MUCH MORE! They have many resources benefiting all things CAVY, and links to them all, from their Sanctuary to their online store, blog, and way more!
This here a sample of one of their best-selling collage cards.
(We added the frame.)

It's possible that some of us might be in their 2012 calendar, and it all depends upon mom's computer tech savvy...

Which means although they really wanted to include us in their 2012 calendar, we don't know yet whether we will be. But we do encourage you all to check them out because whether you have a piggie or know someone who DOES and want to get a VERY SPECIAL "Piggie Stocking-Stuffer" they're a terrific resource!
BTW...Guinea Pigs DO make the world a nicer place: Just ask mom. Especially when she is lying in bed in pain but Calvin is beside her - or any and all of us, for that matter - and she is petting one of us and we are purring and loving her... we make HER world of pain a world of PAIN FORGOTTEN cuz nothing mo'healin'
than guinea pig love up-close-and so personal you can almost feel us peeing on mom's nightgown, pillow, comforter, sheets, a whirlpool bath at a spa! Not Really. Not like that at all. You think we care?! WAH, YOU THINK WE CARE! SHE "SPECIAL NEEDS" AND WE GOT WIDDLE-BITTY BLADDERS. THAT OUR STORY AND WE STICKIN' TO IT!

Today's "YumYum Report" is that he seems good and when mom sticks her hand in his cage he now jumps immediately upon his new tunnel to get "in position" (with something super soft beneath him) to popcorn and roll and kick his legs out in piggie ecstasy! Mom didn't take him to the vet because unless what happened. Saturday happens again, she don't wanna trigger him with any traumatic stress or travel

Nighty-night and special SHOUT-OUT TO MS. A FOR OFFERING TO HELP MOM IMPROVE HER BLOG WITH SUGGESTIONS AND TECH SUPPORT! Mom been to tired and spaced out and in too much pain to do much email, but we want to thank you and let readers know that any improvements to our blog that you may enjoy in the future...well, mom didn't figure 'em out, but she "got People!"

Thanks! Ms. A, we appreciate your willingness to do the best you can with what we got!
And Thanks, Cavy Madness, for so many volunteer hours enabling piggies to make the world
a better place, we love you ALL!

Sweet dreams, y'all.
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