Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


MAC-NUT-PIE, you aren't an orca, you a guinea pig, a silly guinea pig!
Nuh-UH! I'm l.o.n.g. and can do things!
Like what?
I eat my own poo.
So that make you an orca whale? Even them whales don't do that!
I can...mmm....uh....i got nothing.
Just dress up like one for Halloween. We'll help with your costume.
Thanks, YumYum. You're swell!
True DAT, little fella, true dat! (Wait till I tell everybody he thinks he a whale, SQUEEEEEEEEE!)
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Swimming Away

Mom finished the orca drawing even though this isn't a real good picture of it. He swam away too fast.
It's Sunday and already Coconut has received her nail trim. Mom calls it "spa day" but - she take us for fools or what? - we know it's grooming, nail trim, even butt-wiping (Raj Mahal better keep an eye on his pretty tail-feathers!) and cage cleaning! Mom keeps whining that if we could all just get along and she could get us one gigantic "Dream House" like Millie Bea has it would be SO MUCH EASIER FOR HER. Well, we don't and we ain't gonna. 'Cuz I is the undisputed chieftain 'round these parts and got NO PROBLEM proving it to anyone else who chases Coconut! Even though she gets to share her cage with gentle MacNutPie, she's mine until I get Millie Bea. And she'll still be mine AFTER I get my Millie Bea. Why? Because I amYumYum, 'nuff said!

Mom may start a separate art blog since the gallery now is linking artist to web pages and she still thinks only spiders and drama queens weave webs...but she might be able to manage another blog.
I invited her just to link us here, cuz we would tell everybody EVERYTHING!

She said, "Thanks but no thanks, YumYum, that's the last thing I need right now!" That true.

Happy Orca Sunday!

P.S. WE ALL GOT outta our nail trims because the toilet exploded water
all over the bathroom floor! Again and again! Finally mom had to call the
maintenance emergency number and the guy just arrived. He lives an hour
away. His first question (SERIOUSLY!) WAS "DID ANYTHING FALL

mom said no.
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Point of View

Good Night, Sweet World: piggies are all Runned About, fed, hayed, YumYum got his pain meds, water bottles filled, cuddle-cups dry and ready for bedtime so off we go...well, Calvin still gotta get his special blanket time...but it helps mom fall asleep, long as she puts him back in his cage before she totally falls asleep. Like that one time -

"Good night, YumYum, please turn off the computer. Bedtime, dear."

Good night, Sweet World.
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