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Panda's First Smile
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Thankgiving from the owlets

Memories of Molly & McGee's Owlets

Carrie REALLY Needs Coffee and a donut...

Apolo Anton Ohno, most decorated Olympic athlete in American history hangs out with Edwin tonight after Book Signing in downtown Seattle!


Ya, FOR REAL! The dude is so cool, and Edwin got autographed skates and pics to prove it! WE don't...
Hey, WE DON'T!
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Olympic Outsiders | Apolo Ohno holds Twitter Q&A | Seattle Times Newspaper
PRESS THIS HERE ABOVE FOR TODAY'S TWITTER FROM APOLO, which is how mom got on Twitter before Molly, to "Follow Apolo" during this year's Winter Olympics in Vancouver, B.C. Cool stuff here!

PLUS! Edwin just called from downtown Seattle with news that he'd been hanging out with Apolo after handing him speedskates to autograph along with his new book.
Turns out Apolo's "people" are also Filipino and everyone wanted pictures of themselves holding Edwin's autographed speedskates in front of the Apolo bus, so
they got to talk a little bit and Apolo told Edwin to tell mom to get well and get back out on the ice, even for just one lap.

Right now she can't get her carcass from the chair to the bed, but the skates are here, are we: FOR OUR NIGHTY-NIGHT HAY!

Edwin sounded almost as excited as when he went to the Olympics, so we're also featuring a pic of him from Vancouver. We hope he got US an autographed book, too,
because we hear the pages are quite tasty!

YumYum (not that we would EVAH even consider nibbling Apolo's pages...)