Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Friday, April 16, 2010


well, it didn't take long (day 2 here, readers) for mom and Taj Mahal
to make a surprising discovery: the little scamp is a Cuddler!

after throwing the biggest hissy-fit in Creation when mom tried to lift him gently out of his cage so that he could become used to being handled and cuddled and - eventually, let's face it - those toenails need a-trimmin'

Taj the Alpha Male with the bird's nest 'do on his topnotch,

decided that being loved was actually kind of cool.

more than cool.

he ended up curling up on the bed, him in the crook of her neck,
sidled up against her (could've been the warmth from her bath)
like old chums. things here just get better and better for the Mahals!

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Dear Readers,

Yeah, right, you're thinking, "Oh, there goes another cutesy picture."

How many of YOU have been to Mt. Baker on skis in a spring snowstorm to inspire piggies everywhere to
"think outside the box (of their cages)" and how many of you have a dapper, hand-made authentic, fair-trade
Peruvian hat (got a special name but who remembers?) of pure alpaca wool?

Guinea Piggin' is our "embedded correspondent" going where no pig has gone before, and that includes
grieving like the rest of us.

So, before you dismiss Guinea Piggin' as just another "cutesy stuffed animal" ask yourself some serious questions:

Like, if people are so smart, how come they can't fly when even little bugs can?

Like, if people are so smart, how come they can't burrow beneath the soil like an earthworm and nourish the earth
like worms, which people think are not so smart?

Like, if people are so smart, how come they don't emerge from the cocoons they spin around themselves with the
elegance of a butterfly?

Can people spin silk from inside of themselves like silkworms without wanting credit for it? Silkworms never ask for celebrity status, nor do any of the younger brothers and sisters in creation.  We are our own Reality Show and go on, unobserved from birth till death, making yours a better life in ways you can never fully comprehend. We are humble.  We were created to serve and ask only to be allowed to do so in peace.
And if you want to love and protect us, hey, we can dig it!

Can people open like daffodils in spring, bringing delight to all who see them?


Some, yes.

Some... not so much.

SOME, well, never mind. You know who you are. (HINT: You have your own "Reality Show" on T.V.)

So, dudes and dudettes, we must all rethink our place in the Universe: we are ALL important, each and every one of us.

Guinea Piggin' can grieve and receive comfort from Rabbit and Hedgehog.

Read "The Velveteen Rabbit" sometime. One of my favorite books. And Panda and Bear's, too.

Sermon over.

See ya's.

G'night mates and maidens, all. YY-OUT!
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it's me, YumYum. hey, y'all, these are pictures from the first time Rachel and Bear met and it was love at first sight, Bear adored being held by her! He thought her home visits were all about him. Kind of...

Today Rachel came over and did what we Jewish guinea pigs call a "mizvah" which is a good deed. People do not have to be Jewish to do mitzvot (plural for mitzvah) but, it being Friday and all, we're feeling all Shabbos-y and stuff.

Also, mom just received her family tree and learned what her real last name is and where her family is ACTUALLY from and all kind of stuff, so she's feeling all Jewish-y, too:
"Mednitsky, originally from Belarus."   Bela-WHAT? Med-a-WHAT-WHAT?! ya sure, mom?

"YumYum" is sooo much easier! Hey, please keep the name they gave your Papa on Ellis Island
and i promise not to tell any of our readers that your grandparents were cousins: PROMISE!

Rachel is our social worker who comes and looks after mom because mom never tells anyone when she needs help and Rachel knows that; so she comes to check on us on a regular basis. Rachel is Wise: Today, mom not so good. Me, neither.
Raj and Taj Mahal are helpful; just that the sun came out this morning and Bear so enjoyed sprawling his big, beaver self on his special flannel platform in the sun..he'd stretch out his long feet and deformed toenails and luxuriate like he was in a SunSpa for guinea pigs whose feet were deformed because no one ever cut his toenails and they curled in on his feet but he never complained, just did his sunning in quiet gratitude...Neither Bear nor PandaPig EVER COMPLAINED of anything and it's one reason we never realized how ill they and i both cried.

Sun came to say hello to Bear, but no Bear to say hello to sun.

me sad, mom sad: we both sad. not Raj and Taj, though, they discovered fresh lettuce and carrots this morning, so...

Way Happy Mahals!

Rachel helped mom unpack the last unopened box that the vet sent home with us. It was PandaPig's bedding and Bear's special "sunning-platform flannel" - mom just fell completely apart. Since they both had cancer, mom doesn't think it is a good idea for us to re-use those items, but the real reason is every time she sees them, she falls apart and the woman has GOT to pull herself together
EVENTUALLY because we have to MOVE IN A FEW WEEKS AND SHE NEEDS TO GET CRACKIN' ON THE PACKIN' but we are all taking time to grieve and have faith that time will extend itself and we will receive Special Time Dispensation for Grief.
Whatever that means. It's metaphysical. Whatever THAT means. I'm just babbling, because I saw their things today, too.

BACK TO RACHEL'S MITZVAH: Rachel kindly took PandaPig and Bear's personal belongings and dispensed them LOVINGLY for us with the following prayer she made up:


now i'm crying again. we can't express the agony of their being gone from our daily lives. and i'm just YumYum.

Special Thank You to Rachel for her Shabbos Mitzvah. Mom had to recycle all their "play boxes" with their names written on them and decorated like little houses yesterday. She just couldn't do today what Rachel mercifully did for us. It was too much.

But the good news is that mom found her earplugs and slept (sort of, with bouts of sadness waking her, and meditation and prayer throughout the night and day) through Raj and Taj Mahal's "NIGHT OF MADNESS!" and i just sat on my sleeping bag loft and watched them play and chase each other through their big Pigloo and scurry so madly about that they re-scattered all the litter mom had picked up off the floor before bed, which is now back on the floor again. them some crazy-pigs!

hey, y'all

it's YumYum saying "Good Shabbos: Peace Out!"

and thank you, Rachel, for everything
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mom and edwin made a new friend in canada, where they went to be with Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, April 11-12, 2010
the man reminded them of an old Afghan horsemen riding across the steppes as a young man, although he is actually
from India and one of the few remaining initiates of Hazur Baba Sawan Singh, The Saint of Beas. mom told him how naughty she is and why she and edwin don't live together because, although he often knows best, she refuses to listen to edwin but not
for any particular reason. he was puzzled until she explained that she continued bringing home stray and abandoned animals
to rescue, leaving edwin to take care of them when she was unable to. and that no matter how difficult it was for edwin, she
could not stop herself, so it was better to live in separate cities so he didn't have a zoo in his apartment because he asked her not to bring home any llamas or alpacas...he laughed and laughed.
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