Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Who Sick? Mom Sick? OOoh, so sad..."HEY! TREATS IN BED! SQEEEEE!" sad, so sad...

HEY, CUT OUT ALL TALK WITH THAT "dremel" words, we iZ outlaws, and ain't nobody dremelling nuttin' no how, no way, not evah, NEVAH! Now, as you all know, I have become Coconut's new, um, "domestic partner" and she is civilizing me, whether I like it or not. Look at my pretty pearly whites but, friend, do not fear for your life for I am not YumYum:  I am MacNutPie, grandpig of Mama and Papa Partridge, and secretly Papa's "caption-whisperer" but don't tell Kestra or Sacto Sylvia! It might be illegal, but how else you think that man a Triple Crown Winner, huh?
Even think about it? Well, take a moment now to ponder: How dat man win THREE?! me, me ME! SQUEEEEEEE!

Mac The NutPiePartridge "Caption WhispererrrRRR"
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You never hear from me, do you? Even know who I am? Well, I came here as a baby with Erica, who was my tribal elder, big sister, mentor, medicine woman...after she passed mom was afraid I would die of grief...guinea pigs do, it's in that article "Things Your Guinea Pig Wants You to Know" two posts back that you probably didn't read because, as usual, it's always about YumYum, but if you press the red letters you really will learn a lot about us.

You see, I am the good one. The quiet one (unless I am really hungry and then? mmmm, not so quiet!) but I am a different looking cavy, no one wanted me because my eyes bulge out and my face looked a little smashed in like a bug...I dunno, always been different, so very shy.

But when mom is sick she looks so much worse than me on a bad day! And I mean it kindly, for I am a kindly girl. The ONLY girl, so you can be forgiven for not being used to the "kind" word, it's O.K. and I understand. So, mom is under the weather and last night instigated a new policy: starting at dusk, every pig gets lap time, or in mom's case, lay down in bed and munch carrots while she pretends to be alive...and you would have thought Calvin is her favorite? Think again! Calvin is spoiled already, now he fusses for attention all the time. But, I have my ways. I remain quiet, in the background, and when mom reaches into the cage, I don't resist or bite or kick and demand the snack
while we are "in the air" enroute to destination Bed. I am lovable. Did you know that? I didn't. Until now. So, every night we ALL HAVE mom time, treats, get combed with the teeny-tiny comb she got that one of the boys got his mites all over: ICK! But, after grooming my coat is stunningly smooth and silky, which means that I actually AM A SILKY, it's a real thing, and I have so many colors in my fur that gleam and glisten like earthen gems. But, do you think the boys compliment me? Mom does!'s hard being the only girl. But now that I feel less shy you will learn more about being the only sister in this big family of Bad BoyZ, Bad BoyZ, whatcha gonna do (besides BITE HER?!) WHEN SHE COMES FOR YOU?

Love and yours gently,
Coconut, named by Kezia Stansbury! Shout out to Kezia: HI, IT'S ME, FINALLY NOT TOO SHY TO STEP OUT!
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