Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kilkenny Cat's New Camera

Our dear Kilk is wowing us with her first photographs using her new camera and we took the liberty of cropping her
precious Chloe for an abstracted close-up of one of our favorite friends.
She beautiful, or what?
Check out the way she uses her legs and paws to cover her face and the symmetry of dark markings on her face and tail. You can even see her black paw pads brushed softly by the tip of her tail.
How precious, Little Chloe curled up in dreams, her own dreams...

WeThinks that Kilk and Gizmomma starting a new revolution of Women Visionaries whose perspective of their world
as captured through their lenses and enshrined into our hearts will enrich us all.

Thanks, Kilk, and thanks, Giz, and thanks to all of you photographers out there whose shared vision gives us an extraordinary glimpse into a world we would otherwise never have experienced!
What a gift you and so many other MODS share so generously! Happy Mother's Day!
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Mom's Visit to the Doctor Yesterday

Dear friends,

Yesterday, mom drove down to Mt. Vernon to see her favorite rheumatologist in the whole, wide world, who bears a striking resemblance to...well, y'know.

Dr. Wonderful looked straight into her eyes and said three magic words every Southern woman longs her entire life to hear from a man: "You're not crazy."
He actually said: "You are not crazy."
She cried, "You gotta be kidding?! Are you serious? I mean, REALLY, REALLY?"

He said: "You are not crazy. You are doing everything right." And he then informed us that three different classes of medications all of which are contraindicated can make a person feel crazy...but she wasn't! He said other things, too, but she was in Rapture and heard them Not! Few women from the Deep South ever hear those words from a man. What a Mother's Day WE GONNA HAVE NOW!

TODAY: STRUGGLING TO type, read, think, get dressed (underwear, on the inside or the outside? i knew this once, why won't it come back to me?) pain, wondering why bagels have holes in the middle...why is "up" on the top? Who invented "sideways" and why?
We misses our friends and  MODS way bad, but we get her so much more now: got no complaints for Dr. House and we even bathed so he wouldn't be allergic to us. It is Official: NOT CRAZY. Befuddled, but ain't a one of us gonna bring that up before Mother's Day...whaddya think WE are? Crazy?
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