Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Paintings...

Yo, it's me, YumYum with some good news for me! Mom let me go "Runabout" this morning, and - knowing that a trip to the vet depended upon my performance now that I am a "free agent" I popcorned and scurried, and squealed with Joy and really puttin' on the Ritz enough for her to think I not so sick after all, and mebbe she just needs to put me back in my EXTRA large cage...but the talent scouts all gave my performance a "Peep-Hole's Judge" Award so Inot havin' to go to vet. Squeeeeeeeee!

The bad news is mom DID! Her doctor down in another county and it wiped her out, even though he her favorite doc and he gave her a shot of prednisone so now she can stop rubbing MINE all over herself. She not well and think good thing she got our fresh-food provisions yesterday cuz we think she gonna be horizontal next few days or until, and unless, those steroids pick her up...oh well, betta her than me, what say ye? Why, SQUEEEEE! Of course!

The other news...these are two miniature paintings she made about eight years ago and think that what her head feeling like, just full o'wild animals runnin' amok behind her eyes and neck and whole achy-breaky bod and, readers, we DO feel for her...we feel BETTER HER THAN ME?! What say Ye? We say "SQUEEEEEEE!" O.K. so my bad!

She down for the count, I not goin' to the vet, and Taj promise to teach us ALL HOW TO ESCAPE! And the International Guinea Pig Magazine gonna put more pictures of us in it, and when she better, she gonna show pics from this we now on magnets and merchandise like the British Cafe Press only they sell Princess Beatrice's fascinator for guinea pigs now! What say ye, mate? Wanna guinea pig procrastinator?! Wheek!

Say good night, mom.

"Blah, uh, wah, mmmmmmmmm, huh?"

Good mom.

Who loves ya, Baby? YumYum, crafty, sinister, PIRATE OF A PIG, YumYum, baby! OH YEAH!
P.S. When mom better, remind her to tell the story about the black squirrel who dashed into the
gallery yesterday! What a riot...
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