Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


WOWEE, these are the most amazing, beautiful, slow motion doggies
filmed on something called a Phantom Camera...when mom wasn't home,
we calls up Amazon, see, and we orders one
fo'ourselves so we can make our own movie for you, 'cuz ain't
nothin' more beautiful and breathtaking than a guinea pig popping*
in slo-mo, baby! Who is beautiful and knows it? WE DOES! BOO-YA!

Auntie Ann, thanks for turning us on to this!!!

*Popping short for "Popcorning" a fast, spastic, flight into the air
or outer space when a piggie is so happy he cannot contain his glee!
Piggies "popping" into the air through pure joy resemble popcorn.
(Hey, don't ask me, that's just what they calls it?!)

Taj Mahal: The (High) Soprano!


Recently we enjoyed a visit from Edwin, who came
up from Seattle and taught us many things. He does
not sleep at night, so mom had thrown a mattress
adjacent to our cages and told him: "Knock yourselves
out!" instead "Good night, dears."

It wouldn't have mattered. Because Edwin taught us
how to escalate our "Dragon Behavior" to levels
guaranteed to get what we want outta mom, which may
at least partially explain why mom and Edwin live
90 miles apart!

Nonetheless, our sleep-time was quite an awakening!

We learned many new strategeries, primary among them,
NOISE! Because anyone who knows migraineurs (mom's
fancy-pants name she said the doctors use for those
who enjoy chronic daily migraines) i said,
everyone knows migraineurs HATE NOISE AND BRIGHT LIGHT!
(like vampires, if ya ask me, ever been any studies done?

So, Edwin coached us in the fine art of "Octave Raising"
wherein our "Wheeeeks" turn into Whistles which rise to
higher octaves the longer it takes our migraineur mom
to get h'self to the fridge and bring us our TREATS!

It's all about the food, man.

Turned out that Raj, besides his uncanny ability to
imitate Molly the Owl (some guinea pigs ACTUALLY DO
HAVE THE ABILITY TO CHIRP! so can Erica!) but Raj can
whine in a high C so obnoxious that it sends mom
scrambling to the fridge to saved h'self! VOILA!

We get what we want, mom drives Edwin back to the bus
station and makes sure he STAYS ON THAT BUS, and we
look forward to his next visit! It has earned us the
new moniker (compliments of author MOD Meme) "dragons"
which we wear proudly, remembering Bruce Lee was a
dragon and what guinea pig doesn't want to be like Bruce
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