Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


                                Not a skirt worn in mebbe 20 years? As girly as she capable of...
            we kinda thought "hmmm, she a girl zoo-keeper or with the Royal Mounty Wimmen?"

When mom asked if her swishy skirt made her look "F-t" our HOMELAND INSECURITY ALARMS EXPLODED!  FEMA (Forget Ever Mind Answeringthisquestion) arrived immediately, screaming: "There's NO RIGHT ANSWER, EVERYTHING YOU SAY > CAN AND WILL BE
USED AGAINST! Stuff hay in your mouths, smile, and nod approvingly but SAY NOTHING! "

We never mind stuffing hay in our mouths...but...saying nothing?

S.E.A.L. Team Six arrived and stood guard until mom left. Then we were able to talk about "the QUESTION" that no male of any species should EVAH have to answer. They should know: the married S.E.A.L.S would rather land in AbbotoBaddyBadBod than answer that question, they TOLD US THAT!

When she returned, we quoted Clapton's song - in unison - and sang:
"My look won-der-fulllll...TOoooo-Night." Dee-dee-dee-deee.Dee-dee-dee-dee...
She then gave us treats, scooped up Calvin who tucked himself into his special bed and for the first time she fell asleep with him but when she awoke at 2 a.m. - MORTIFIED! - he had not escaped, and she found him sleeping soundly exactly where he had tucked himself in earlier.

Before leaving the building, a guy had already asked her out.

But that's another story for A-NEVER DAY! He wasn't wearing a lot of clothes...
They rarely do.
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                                        Entrance to Artisan's Gallery on Opening Night~

            The harpist! Hard to dance to it in cowboy boots and swishy skirt...(thank heavens!)

       Looking at mom's cards wondering when to call the men with white coats, before the harpist
                                            was done or after the harpist was done.

                                                           Mom loved this painting.

                                                  The harpist caught EATING! GASP!

Mom really had a good time. (She don't get out much.)
Some of her cards out front and center!  But she hid in a little studio
and hung out with an artist she met and they both shoved their faces
with food and talked about girly stuff. Artistic girly stuff.
Larger drawings are being framed for the wall.
We think the real definition of getting framed is the:
"Sweetie-Piggie-Pies, does this swooshy skirt make me look - "
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