Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

‪Sara Bareilles - King Of Anything‬‏ - YouTube

‪Sara Bareilles - King Of Anything‬‏ - YouTube

We isn't sayin' this about anybody we know...
or knew...
you didn't see it here.

Mom Said, "Don't You DARE POST THAT, YumYum!"

And yet, we just did. Why? Because little cages make me grumpy and mischievous.
With, perhaps, a wee touch of "Bad PigZ, Bad PigZ, Whatcha Gonna Do When Meme
ComeZ For U?"

If any of you don't know Meme, it is so HOT where she lives we ain't worried, cuz chances
are the humidity keepin' them all iMMobile anywayZ...and we sympathize...SERIOUSLY!

(we mean it. whaddya mean we don't sound sincere? how DARE you!)

That was not muffled giggling!

How DARE you!

"mOM, can i have an extra blanket tonight? got cold last night."

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Thank You Notes...

Dear Migraine,

Thank you for coming to visit us.
We didn't want mom to finish this drawing.
We like it when she lies down in bed next to our cages
and we can get attention by chewing on her bars.
OOPS, a minor typo, we meant "OUR BARS"
because - of course her bed does not have bars!
Goodness, where did THAT typo come from?

We regret the "spillage" of ginger ale, coffee, and
whatever other liquids and perishable (READ: SMELLY!)
items knocked over during your visit. Mom can't see real
good with ice packs smashed over her eyes while she stumbles
about in our new drama: "OMG! ANOTHER DAY WITH !!^$^^#%$*&WTF?!"
now receiving rave reviews nowhere.
Which is for the best.

Perhaps mom will finish you. Perhaps not.

Either way, your lovely company during a rare, cool, sunny, Pacific Nor'west
facsimile of summer has been duly noted.


(mebbe cuz you didn't put them back in the freezer?)
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Artisans Northwest Art, Crafts & Eats - Arts/Entertainment/Nightlife - Bellingham, WA | Facebook

Artisans Northwest Art, Crafts & Eats - Arts/Entertainment/Nightlife - Bellingham, WA | Facebook
Now the Big Question: Will or Will NOT mom finally succumb to FACEBOOK?
Unlikely, she says?
Hmmm, we aren't quite so sure.
But a great way to follow the Artists of ARTISANS
if you ARE ON FACEBOOK (mom!)

(Still not likin' the new cage but it is kinda cozy.)

The Artists of ARTISANS Gallery


We haZ been "listed" at long last
our sordid misdeeds with fragrant
sharpie markers hath come back
to haunt us...well, actually mom.
We sniff, she draws.
We remain anomymousey...
She gets "listed."
Yeah, we can live with that!

BTW, last night mom made me
a new cage with towels and soft
stuff instead of litter but it ain't
got a loft in it because the vet
didn't want me jumpin' up and
down (especially down) with that
spondyAnkling thingy and it is
Calvin's original cage, smaller,
I doesn't like it and intend to
chew my way out and if she gets
"accidentally" mistaken for a fresh
bell pepper and bitten again (not
that i didIt the first time) that would
be TRAGIC. very, very TRAGIC!

YumYum doth protesteth.


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ARTISANS gallery is up and running online now.