Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Calvin's "Scrunchy Spot"

Calvin gettin' scrunchy wid it!

"Gonna sleep on your hand now, mom..."

Sometimes we think Calvin mom's favorite because every night before bed, after our water bottles have been cleaned and filled, our food bowls replenished, our hay bins stuffed full of timothy hay, and we've enjoyed lap-time, getting combed, or even a midnight Runabout, mom is pooped! (And, just for the record, she don't always get to all those things, but she always gets to enough of them so we always got what we needs for the night.) And we are grateful, all except one o'us!

ENTER CALVIN! His bed next to mom's and that when he
starts chewing on his bars, even pulling them back-and-forth
like he gonna break outta his cage! No matter how late it is or how tired we or mom is, he sticks to it until mom relents and asks: "You want into your snuggly-bed, Cal? What would it take for you to let us all go to sleep, or at least for me to?"

THIS: Gotta get into his special blanket in his special cat bed and get his special scrunchy-scratchin' while he purrs and purrs until it's time to fall asleep in the warm softness of his special blanket. And he HAS TO BE TOUCHING MOM'S HAND OR HE FUSSES AND FUSSES!

Mom has no learning curve, else she'd start getting ready for bed at 4 p.m. Then we would all get scrunchy-scratches before bed. As for me, I prefer just to snuggle in the crook of mom's neck,  just chillin' between her and her pillow, where I feel free to pee and poo: It's such a cozy feeling.

We know we've posted here before about our scrunchy-scratchin' but
My name is YumYum and I feel free to pee and poo:
How about you?
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Look At THAT Guinea Pig!

The Farm Store downtown is on Railroad Street, and we live adjacent to the tracks. There's something very Bellinghamster-ish about Railroad Street.
If you have ever watched YouTube's "Bellingham State of Mind" you know
just what we mean.
Like, this rooster in a guinea pig cage! Yup, that's what we talkin' about!
And it's why we fits in so good here...'s a guinea pig in a rooster Halloween costume? Same thing.
We love our home. Slightly tilted, but in a good way!
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Art Studio Before and After

Mom's brainy art studio: HELP!


Mom's brain on YOGA AND A LATTE!

P.S. These cards got us new cuddle cups for
winter! Squeeeeeeee!

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