Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

On Coffee

...a few sharpie markers, a lot of caffeine, rain, sea, wind, and doodling on an allegedly "spring" morning...
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From drizzle to downpour

From drizzle to downpour

Just Taking a Break from Wedding Planning
to bring a cool breeze and a Pacific NW Downpour
to any o'youZ HOT/MODS out there...although
this video is from Opening Day of our local
downtown Farmers Market in April, the weather
actually hasn't changed that much, so we wanted

Also, today mom went to the art gallery owned
by the site manager of our Farmer's Market to explain
that she needed more time to prepare work to show
him...of course, that includes cards of GUINEA PIGS,
SQUEEEEE! They had never met although another
artist had told him about mom...but she left bewildered
and confused because apparently she somehow found
herself having been hired as a volunteer to WORK THERE
and he wanted her to come by Monday for a set of keys with
as much art as she could still not sure how
that happened or what Monday will bring but it's in
the 'hood, a way-cool SoHo type Artist's loft space,
very bohemian, and she worked at a wildlife art
gallery in Carmel, CA back in the day...but that's
another (long) story...about ducks, actually!

Everyone who sent love, prayers, emails, and well-wishes
today sure brought the sun out in good ole Bellingham!
Thank YOU!


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The Official Fascinator

Coconut, for the sake of enhancing the beauty of her own carrot-top fascinator, has chosen another owl from CAR's
Creative Wedding Closet...she has not decided whether or not the owl depicted will be invited with the fascinator.
That is a decision to be discussed with Wedding Planner MariFun at our next psychiatric counseling session.
Thank you,
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We Sniff A Wedding...

                                   {Quote by Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj}

As you can see, MacNut and CocoNut Pie are pensively alert and self-introspecting about the meaning of Marriage:  like, does this mean we have to SHARE our carrots? And maybe they are getting cold feet about the sharing of treats.

Well, who wouldn't...they are PiePiggies, after all, and ample in girth. But we know once MariFUN gets out her wedding planner, they will both be dancing for joy...providing they have a pre-nup about not having to share treats!
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YouTube - The drench Clever Hamsters jazz band - official ad
^ MariFuN has her work cut out for her as Coconut^ (watch THIS!)
DEFINITELY has specific ideas for the Big EVENT!