Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


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Last night Peter-Peanut turned this place into a
Monster-Truck-Rally as he raged on his friends
both on Runabout and inside his habitat! 

He and Bhindi were even teeth-chattering
and lunging until I stepped in and broke them up, announcing: "There is NO MORE ROOM FOR ANY MORE HABITATS SO YOU TWO HAD BETTER START GETTING ALONG NOW, GOT THAT?"

(Of course I spoke in soft, soothing tones.)
One of the things you have to ask yourself when
a piggie is having problems is "What has changed
in his life recently?" So, I asked "Peter, what has
changed in your life recently? What happened to my precious baby boy? I know you are itching and we'll look into that, but why have you started attacking your friends?"
You know what he said: "Mom, EVERYTHING
changed since you got sick! We went two weeks
without Runabout..." and I interrupted "But now that you have it all you do is use it to attack the
others...there must be something else bothering you, Peter. I know we are using a slightly different hay but you LOVE IT and you've always
been allergic to hay, so what could it be?"

"Mom, when was the last time you got into our
pen and gave us breakfast and lovies on your lap?
You used to do that every morning! Not any more. Just because I grew man-parts doesn't mean
I'm not your special little pig, does it?"

 These pictures say it all. This morning
I climbed into their pen, distributed breakfast to
Vinny-Guinea and YumYum (who all get evening
"noms" with the others - individually - at bedtime, too!) and the rest is history...Peter LEPT ONTO MY KNEE like a bolt of lightning this morning before lying flat on it to both eat and
get his love, scritchy-scratches, petting, tickling,
and soothing "Oh Peter, I'm sooo sorry!"
 Then Peter-Peanut became himself again.
ON MOM'S LAP WITH BHINDI, because that

is the way it's supposed to be!
Bhindi was so happy he turned their new edible
tunnel over to take his morning nap in it!
(while noshing on it...)
And what about Peter? He was so happy he did his yoga with me before napping in his fleece tunnel, just sticking his nose out for a light suntan as he slept. And it was GOOD. So good, in fact, that all morning someone (Peter-Peanut?) has been filling the apartment with a sweet, musky fragrance! Every one of these photographs was
taken this morning: please savor them again comprehending the full meaning of a little guinea pig who only wanted his breakfast on mom's lap served with morning love! 
And who doesn't want more love?
Now life is GOOD.
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