Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

What's Mom Laughing About?

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My "Swirly" Side!

Here is me after being brushed, before the POMP and Ceremonious "Cage Return" (see next post) just struttin'
what I got...don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful. (And I can Pee On Mom's Pants, hee-hee! Too much fun, seriously!)
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A Very Good Day

Dear Friends,

The Bright Thing appeared today! And we were so happy. Mom "walkered" to the Saturday Farmer's Market and met
her friends there who sell yummy things for her and YumYum! O.K. for all of us! Then we took a sun bath together,
just me and mom, and I was so relaxed I used her hand for my pillow...and then POMP (Peed On Mom's Pants) and
Ceremony followed, after which time I was lovingly returned to my sleeping bag feeling quite proud of having nailed
her TWICE before she was too wet to rest there anymore: MADE HER GET UP! Wheeek! Still DA MAN!

YumYum the Sweet
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Friday, April 29, 2011

A MIRACLE: Guinea Pigs ARE BEING FOUND ALIVE after the tornado: More tomorrow

Posted by PicasaWe actually just received word that some of the guinea pigs living in the house the tornado blew
off its foundation are still alive! Some of the wee ratties, too! So, dream of flying guinea pigs on the
Rainbow Bridge with our beloved owlets and we will fill you in on the search and rescue mission
tomorrow! Thank all of you for support of our friends in Alabama. And, as we may have mentioned,
mom's first cousin living in Tuscaloosa also survived, the mile-long tornado missing her home by
a half mile...You won't believe the news we are is truly MIRACULOUS, so stay tuned!
(we are all taking turns because of our common love for every guinea pig rescue and rescuer.)

I Rock!

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Sunnin' Me Bum!

Sometimes this warm, bright thing flies up in the sky and beams magic through our windows and right
onto my little bum!
AAAaaaahhhh....feeels SO RIGHT!
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Sponsor a Guinea Pig: For the month of May--

Sponsor a Guinea Pig: For the month of May--

More info on our precious brothers and sisters
who got steamrolled by the tornadoes in Alabama.

Our Brothers and Sisters in Alabama Need Our Help!

Please read on. Thank you,

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The Cozy Cavy | Facebook

Guinea Pig Connection

Guinea Pig Connection

We HAVE added this Blog to our list,
although when you press on it, it says
you are not on it. So, if you follow the
prompts, you will eventually get here!

We Have Lost a Sister Guinea Pig Rescue

Guinea Pig Connection

Hi MODS, Friends, and Loved Ones,

Usually I am punky, sarcastic, teasing you and relentlessly
trying to make you laugh at the foibles of being human.

Not today.

I am post this knowing that most of us either adopt rescued
animals or are active in service of animal rescue. 

We just lost a guinea pig rescue, most likely lost all the
guinea pigs living there as well, when a tornado struck
and actually flew away with the home and its cavy inhabitants
two days ago in Alabama.

You may not wish to read about this, or you may. The
Rescue's owner's family and dog were also injured. We
have no word yet about her "babies."

If any of you care to take a moment to send prayers,
hugs, loving horks, or Kisses their way, please do.


Cavy Couture

Uh-Oh, that looks like our Uncle Albert on the bottom right! HOLD THE PRESSES!
We take a Moment of Silence to honor our Uncle Albert who appears to be...
on...the head almost-Princess.
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Taj Mahal's WINNING Smile! Ya!

Dear Friends,

Tonight I get to be a "guest BloggerPig" and was asked to write a feature for our "beauty column" about how Kate's
smile will affect worldwide coverage of the impending Royal Wedding. Here, to demonstrate how to bedazzle with
a winning smile!

1. Check out the perfectly divided bi-colored lower lip...the line is exactly in the middle! Does Kate have that?
Methinks NOT!

2. My tongue is in a relaxed, "just chillin' out" position which irresistably invites viewers to want to pet me, knowing
that my laid-back 'tude has magical powers to calm them, too. With that veil and stuff she gonna be wearing,
who gonna see her tongue? (Send replies to us secretly!)

3. My fur is a rich, deep brown, soft and swirly, exhibiting perfect Abyssinian characteristics of a Blue-Ribbon
Award winning showPig. Has Kate ever been shown quite this way? Me hopes not!

We are exuberant here about the Royal Wedding and know each and every one of our readers is, too, and will want
to be a beautiful as the blushing bride! I personally hope you will take my beauty tips and fix y'self up, it's the least
you can do for those of us who have to look at'cha, wedding or no wedding.

Thank you very much.

Taj Mahal, brother of Raj Mahal, lover of Life, especially sweet organic carrot-tops.
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A Furry Adventure, yay!: The Guinea Pig Way Song's original guinea pig!

A Furry Adventure, yay!: The Guinea Pig Way Song's original guinea pig!
^ ^ ^ ^See the Original "Bing"!

Dear Friends, we're MELLOW TOO, WE ARE SO! ARE SO! ARE SO!
Raj Mahal
Taj Mahal
Calvin, the small
YumYum, Chief, Ceo, Tribal Elder, Best Dressed in the Whole NorthWest!

Midnight at the Oasis...

Dear Friends,

While I am receiving my physical therapy with Apolo Oh-Yes! Richard took mom on a little ride through the
desert and a picnic. She loves her bridal veil...and the sunshine. And Richard is so supportive of my physical
therapy, helping me stay focused by taking mom "away from the therapist for the day and into the desert far, far away!"

We love Richard. And Apolo says I'm making awesome progress, even showing me in his book what it was like when he faced adversity and how he overcame it. Such an inspiration! He's really a terrific guy - off the ice as well as on. Speaking of which...

ApolOH-YES! is custom-designing teensy-weensy little speedskates that fit on my feet so I can skate, too.  Ap-lo learned in his anatomy class about us having four toes on our front feet and only three on our back feet so is working on a way-cool PigOlympics design! CHECK IT:  Pigs on Ice! Pigs on Ice!

...Pigs speedSKATING on Ice! Yeah, that betta.

Thanks for all your well-wishes and we'll catch ya on the flip side of The Oasis...

Who loves ya, Baby?
YumYum loves ya!

{Way-Cool AWESOME Wedding Pic by Lor-I-Kink, thanks! p.s. mom LOVES the boots!
Click-It to see what the artist created for mom and Richard's wedding album, L-Kink ROCKS!}

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Mac the NutPie Seeks Treasure in a Most Unlikely Place...

"Yo, Raj Mahal, with those long tresses covering your behind, I can't help wondering what you are hiding..."

"So, I know you don't mind me taking a little sniff, a little look & lurk-see, right? Of course you don't mind!"

"Crafty little cavy he is, that Raj Mahal, because I sniff the fragrance of something utterly wonderful, yet know not what!"

"PssssT! Hey, Mac, you really ARE a NutPie, that was NASTY! As his brother and Pigloo-mate,
there ain't nuttin' back there but back-hair."
"OH! mom talks about that:  says men with furry back hair is also kinda nasty, like dating a
Sasquatch or somethin'!"
BIG GROUP: "EWWWWWwwwwwwwww....................!"
AND all the little piggies crawled sleepily into their pigloos and cuddle cups to dream cozily
of Sasquatch men with furry backs...and it was GOOD.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Loving YumYum

All I had to do was gently place my toes on mom's finger and she melted.
O.K. FINE! We both melted.
She can't bear to see me in pain. I'm gonna beat this, mom! Gonna Get It GOOD!
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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The World Rushes to Help ME< little YumYum!

Dear Dr. House,


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Please do NOT press your cursor on this photograph due to rude intrusive behavior on your part into the private world
of newlyweds. Just Say NO. Same for the following post, just move along, we know you can do it, just move along.
Thank You.
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Sweet Nothings in the AfterGlow of Our Honeymoon


Wid mom head over heels lovin' on him, he ain't got no worries, none!
Just look at that precious, devil-may-care smile, Oh Richard...
don't worry about mom, she yours, all yours.
P.S. Richard, please do not scroll down to the next post.
Thank you, YumYum

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YumYum's NEW Physical Therapist, OH-NO?! Oooh, YEAH, Baby!

Dear Friends, Loved Ones, Admirers, HerdMates, and even mom...

Lori and Popie-Pie have responded to my new medical diagnozes with A Plan. One even mom
(reluctantly, of course, and modestly, of course, now that she is a blushing bride and that
Hunk o'Burning Love standing with her is not her husband, Richard, because Richard took
his new hairdo back to Benghazi to report on America's "NOT-War" as Jon Stewart refers to it.)

If the sentence makes no sense, please remember who is really crazy? The rodent ignoring proper
rules of correct grammar or the person reading a Blog written by a rodent ignoring proper rules
of correct grammar?

What we really mean is OMG! THANK YOU Lori and Popie for sending me my personal, very own, privately-held-yet SSSSoooooooNot against his will-in our own Secret Olympic Training Facility,
Apolo Anton Ohno...Yes, if you press on the picture you will see our'Polo sporting his new TATTOO but mom knows what the Bible says about...not thinking or doing Things with physical therapists over Passover because Moses is Watching and newlywed women keep matzah from breaking with their pure thoughts and chaste behavior during their beloved guinea pigs' physical therapy sessions with OMG! IS HE HOT?OR-WHAT? therapists. If you open a box of matzah and find breakage it's:
"Houston of Heaven, We Have a Problem." Only mom can prevent matzah breakage and forest fires.

Thank you,
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Saturday, April 23, 2011


Dear Friends and loved ones,

Mom took me to the vet today! She made up this whole story about how she senses that I am in pain.
That sometimes I make a sound that sounds like I am in pain. Just to take me to the vet!

They trimmed my toenails and took an X-Ray and i did not get a lollipop, either.

He said I had spondyInklinDosee-Dosis of the spine, rapid onset, because he compared it to an X-Ray he took back in July 2010 when I didn't have Dosee-Dosis and I didn't get a lolliplop then, either! He said my spine is trying to fuse itself and that I have pain and it is only going to get, what kind of a person insults a guinea pig like that, especially one as fine as me?! I love mom and we snuggled and I climbed into her shirt to get away from the peoples telling her things like that.

Because I still run and hop and popcorn, and zoom up the ramp in my cage to my loft, from where I "hold court" with all the other guinea pigs whose cages all converge where my loft is located. And I gave a Big Speech which will be aired on BBC instead of that Royal Wedding Thingy...a speech about freedom, about courage, about facing the challenges of life with dignity and poise, not about how much I wanna BITE SOMETHING! The other pigulas were inspired and whistled, purred, chased each other around their own cages, jumped atop their pigloos, and oohed and aahed their hushed AWE: their good fortune for having ME be the herd's alpha pig and how I am going to interrupt the wedding about halfway down that long aisle to break this news to the entire world, about the spongy-inkling disease I so bravely will triumph upon all over it's ankling Sponding arthritic clanking thingy!

Here's to staring straight into the eyes of pain and - full volume - squealing my loudest: SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!

~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~
{EDITOR: Today YumYum was diagnosed with progressive onset Ankylosing Spondylitis. He will
receive medication to relieve inflammation and pain depending upon how rapidly the condition
progresses. Currently, he remains active and snarky, sweet, cuddly, and loveable as ever. He has,
however, begun to lose weight.
We also picked up Erica's ashes, so it was kind of a rough day here for all at PandaPig's Peace
Sanctuary, but we are grateful he is both tumor and cancer free. Coconut and Mac the NutPie
will receive check-ups next month. For those considering adoption, guinea pigs require veterinary
care which can be quite expensive. And need to see a vet who specializes in guinea pigs because
dog & cat vets can harm guinea pigs. So, before adopting, please consider whether or not you
can provide the care your precious piggie will need. Because you will receive all the love they have...
for free!}
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Best Birthday in the Whole, Wide World!

{KilkPic -we loves it!}

Today was one of the happiest days of mom's life thanks to so many friends and loved ones sending their love and humor our way all day and into the night! We are beaming from ear to ear, and it looks like mom's face gonna crack in half she smiling so hard...and don't do it very often, not like that!

We love you, each and every one!

And Christine(aka KILKENNY CAT, aka IRISHCATS) this is beautiful!
Love Co-Blogging You! (That did NOT come out right, did it?) LOL!

Who cares, when you're YumYum!
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Dear Friends,

We cannot apologize for mom, nor do we condone her religious fervor at Adagio Cafe. It's just not
Kosher to behave that way in public! Not that she should behave that way here at home, either!
We have, however, asked her to shell all of the sugar snap peas Susan bought us and to hand feed us only the sweet peas while generously allowing mom to enjoy the shells as part of her birthday brunch on
the floor before her birthday nap followed by her birthday bedtime. Could life GET more exciting around here?

ACTUALLY, it will! Edwin arrives tonight and now mom is going to be soooo outnumbered! She (seriously, no joke) went to the best Hardware Store in town to load up on earplugs a few days ago. We won't eat them because that, of course, would cause a bowel obstruction and what self-respecting cavy wants to be hauled off to the vet for a birthday enema? It's enough knowing that mom and Edwin are going there to pick up Erica's ashes...such party animals, those two!

But, if you see "The Matzah GirlZ" coming, RUN, don't walk, to your nearest Zombie Outbreak Response Vehicle!

We, in the meantime, will be enjoying our hand-shelled sweet peas.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quiet Love...

Mom and I shared a special moment today.
This pic says it all.
We are One.
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Mac the NutPie, What is IN That Sippy Bottle? don't ask and i won't tell. Got that?! And, no, i doesn't share...except with Coconut, but she's the one who put the --
oh! nearly got me there, HA, but you DiDN't!

Mac the Nut Pie
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YumYum Can't Wait to Open Birthday Presents to Eat - -NO! To "Recycle" the Boxes!

April 21 is John Muir's Birthday and April 22 is Earth Day so we piggies prepare for EarthBirthdays by having our MOD shirt outted with pride! It's from Eric's stash, and we love that even little Dudley is featured on it...Lil'Dud, (tear in eye) long gone, yet never forgotten! That's why we piggies love Eric's shirt: Even the littlest among us are lovingly remembered...and we sure know how being "the littlest" feels!

This is me holding mom, who is sitting in front of our cages Happy because our friends Susan, David, and Ami just came up from Seattle for the day! SURPRISE! They were not going to come and then - they DID!
Susan's birthday was yesterday and mom's is tomorrow, so April 20 is when they celebrate together...
Great for us piggies since Susan and David bought us a WHOLE LOTTA FRESH, ORGANIC VeggiePies at the Market to celebrate OUR birthdays, too! Not really pies, we just love the sound of the word.

So, to celebrate EarthBirthDays we welcome yountz's to be good to our sparkling blue gem of a planet, suspended in space, kinda like an owl box, only more round.  With gravity, a moon, stuff like that.

Better be good earth-stewards so the vegans don't eat you when they get all hormonal.
( those PETA peeples, too, cuz we think they evolved when Zombies
mated with Wombats.)

If you are a member of PETA, we love PETA and didn't mean it, really, we just meant...
Happy Birthday, Earth, thanks for putting up with us: We loves ya, you Planet, you!

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Monday, April 18, 2011

"The Perfect (Wedding) Storm"

For those of you dear readers who do not suffer from "Molly Obsessive Disorder" (MOD) please be kind enough to read our first-paw account of mom's "wedding" to her precious darling
NEVER-A-BAD HAIR-DAY NBC Foreign Correspondent, Richard Engel.
Simply click the "MODS" link under "My Blog List" (featured up top/right)  to read all about OUR Royal Wedding by scrolling down till you this picture. And more: 'Tis THAT EASY. (snuffle, snort, giggle, hork!)

We need you, dear readers, to pretend that, for the sake of modest propriety, we are sincerely displaying  wedding pics on our own Blog to keep it "in the family." (When, actually, we are sleep-typing and accidentally pressed a wrong button: TELL NO ONE!)

YumYum of the HayDesert
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