Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Hey, it's just me. I know the rest of 'em is gossiping about how banging on my sippy bottle and the bars of my cage until mom picks me up is annoying. But they isn't annoyed, they is jealous! So, from now on, no matter what ANYBODY says about me, it ain't so!

And they get plenty of attention, too, just that - well, like Coconut, for instance - she such a lady she don't wanna pee on mom so she holds it in and gets all wiggly so mom puts her back in her cage sooner so she can pee and then she don't get so much lap time like...oh, i dunno, mebbe like another guinea pig who don't mind peeing on mom. Can't help it if she got manners, I DIDN'T TEACH 'EM TO HER!

Thank you. I approved this message. And ABBA is not my favorite band. Never was.

Your Truliful,
Calvin the small
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Saturday Night Pig-A-PaLooZa!

We found this on somebody's TWITTER post today and felt it appropriate since tonight hath been designated "CavyCleanCageConduction!" She still has a migraine, although it didn't stop her from going to the Post Office, then eating french fries and vegan muffins. Real nice going on the new "gluten-free" diet mom, so how's that working out: Headache still? We feign surprise.

On a positive note, we HAVE noticed that the more mom grooms us, the less nasty the flea comb has become so we are trying to convince her we do not have mites, just been rolling in the hay! If she cleans our cages and that comb comes up clean we are going to have to fudge some kind of trans-gender identification issues, but it'll save us from having to go in for mite shots...TWICE!

And Calvin is so spoiled he won't go to sleep or get up in the morning without his cuddle time! He just chews on his bars and yanks the whole side of his cage so hard mom wakes up and gets him so she can go back to sleep, which she never can. She also gave him back his baby water bottle and even though he is FOUR, he loves grabbing it in between those long fangs o'his and just jerking it back and forth, banging it, and making N.O.I.S.E.
We have also noticed he drinks water from it, but he's using it as another tool in his "me, me, ME: SQUEEEE!" arsenal of attention-grabbing behaviors. Mom is wrapped around his liddle tail, she is!

So, as she lies down next to us covering her entire head with ice packs we are filled with anticipation of another exciting Saturday night here at the Sanctuary. Just like that comic up there, is what we gonna be doin' pretty sure. Unless, of course, we coprophasiates it, too! Mmmmm, good times.
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