Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

We LOVE to Read!

O.K. so maybe we love to read the boxes that books come in before we turn them into teepees and eat them!
So? It's still reading to us!
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Celebrating Our Friend's First Novel!

Jim Cohee | Mrs. Dalloway's
^^^Way Cool, you Booklovers! Check IT OUT!

Back in 1983, when mom was a wildlife photographer
enroute to live on the Big Island of Hawaii, she stopped
in San Francisco briefly and found herself walking by
the Sierra Club National Headquarters. Being mom,
she marched upstairs and announced to the receptionist,
"I am here to see your photo editor!" as if announcing
the Queen had, at long last, arrived...

Mom don't know much about professional etiquette.

The photo editor, Linda, saw the best in the business,
and even they made appointments. So, when her
receptionist interrupted to tell her, "This you really
gotta see to believe!" she actually saw mom.

Mom has no recollection of what transpired other
than informing Linda that the volcano Kilauea had
just erupted and she would be photographing it
for SIERRA magazine, as she was going there
and they undoubtedly would want a feature on
this explosive volcano!

That was back in early 1983. Mom did go to
Volcanoes National Park and they actually
let her live there as a staff person but had
a very different job in mind for her, which
was to ride horses into the jungle for the
purpose of trapping feral hogs for slaughter,
as they were destroying indigenous vegetation.

Mom loved the "Indiana Jones on Horseback"
part but not the killing part, and also her friends
who had flown over the volcano said you get
sucked into something that makes the little plane
lurch so hard you throw up. She didn't want to
throw up on her camera.

And yet, throughout the ages she and Linda
and her husband Jim, remained close friends,
visiting one another as the Cohees were both
Midwestern expatriates who saw mom when
she lived in Iowa and mom would see them
when visiting San Francisco.

On September 17, 2011, Jim's debut novel
will be celebrated at Mrs. Dalloway's Bookstore
in Berkeley and we invite anyone who lives
in the area to attend. Jim is the former Senior
Editor of Sierra Club Books making his
debut as a fiction novelist with The Swan,
certain to be only the first of many beautiful
novels. We are so excited for them: WHEEEK!