Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our New Book!

Today the author of our new book autographed it for mom and she gave him a copy of
the C2 Coffee Table Book, courtesy of Eric Blehm, who sent us two copies as gifts.
We know Arran will love his new book as much as we love Arran's.
It's only available through Amazon but if you are interested in healing yourself
and the world one meal at a time, why not cruise over there and thumb through it?
We wanted to eat it but mom said "Piggies!" in that voice with that tone
so we said, "What ya gonna give us, then?" and she produced watermelon.
We spared the book.
(This time!)
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Mom's Beautiful Day!

Speaking to us today: Arran Stephens, owner/founder (with his wife, Ratana) of Nature's Path, the largest organic foods company in Canada! He has received numerous awards for his efforts advocating that we leave our living earth better than we found it and is the author of the newly released book "The Compassionate Diet" (with Eliot Jay Rosen) now available through Amazon, all of whose proceeds are donated to charitable organizations.

Arran's son, Arjan and his wife (celebrating their one year wedding anniversary)
Rimjhim, daughter of Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj. They live in Vancouver, B.C. Our guinea pig sanctuary/hospice was mom's wedding gift to them. They asked their friends around the world to do something kind for others instead of buying them wedding presents so people all around the world DID! 

Friends mom hasn't seen in a long time all gathered together beneath the orchard trees and mom was so happy to see them her hands shook with emotion; not the greatest photo but happy faces all 'round!

Today was the 25th Anniversary of the Sawan Kirpal Meditation Center in Birch Bay, WA where mom learned the meditation she practices today. Arran Stephens, Founder/Owner of Nature's Path Organic Food Company in Vancouver, B.C. recounted to all how the Center was established from its earliest terrified locals originally "asked if they were cannibals who ate their children" when a very unusual  newspaper article broke the story of who had purchased the property! Locals had mom's friends confused with...well, some "cannibals who ate their children" although exactly who those cannibals were was never exactly disclosed. Apparently, the news reporter was a little #?$%#@!?

The first directors of the center, Barbara and Dieter Schugt (RIP) were close friends of mom's and Barbara still is. Dieter went on to become the beloved mayor of Blaine, WA, and the Center is now a much sought-after haven and refuge enjoyed by all who come, irregardless of race, religion, education, we are all friends.

(Dieter was so well respected and admired that one summer mom and bff Susan were coming off Mt. Baker when some older climbers were throwing their ice axes into the car next to them. Mom figured they were locals and asked where they lived: Blaine. They also knew Dieter and Barbara, so when mom shared her close friendship with the Schugts, they invited mom and Susan to dine with them after the climb, but Susan had to return to Seattle...shucks! (This year 50 feet of snow

All we know about meditation is this:
When mom left home today she felt very, very sad.
(Calvin and me having our bone diseases.)
When mom came home tonight she was real happy and peaceful inside.
The current directors of the Center, Sandy and Ron Kulman are also wonderful friends who never let mom come home empty-handed, so watermelon for us piggies TONIGHT: "SQUEEEEEE!"

We don't know much, but we do know this: mom + meditation = Big HAPPY.
And always treats for us! Ommm...nom-nom-nom, chomp, slirpy watermelon!

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‪K.D. Lang sings Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah‬‏ - YouTube

‪K.D. Lang sings Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah‬‏ - YouTube

This moves us. "Love is not a victory march..."

Dirty cage cleaning late at night what love is. And heart Breakage.
That what love is: Hallelujah.

P.S. Mom read all about "Job" to us, losing his herds
of everything and everything...(such drama.)

(Shhh...she ain't no Job, ya just didn't hear it here!)