Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Our Wedding Party! WhoEVAH they are!

Well, now that it's OFFICIAL and none of us care too much about fancy clothes, especially mom who would just as soon wear overalls and a plaid flannel shirt to the wedding...we have left the planning to Richard since he definitely has an eclectic, if not ECCENTRIC sense of style! We guinea pigs will be having our Bedouin wraps custom made at our local "BedouinZ - R- Us" store...but we plan to chew holes in them, pull them apart, and wrap ourselves up in them like wee lil'PigZ-in-a-BedouinBlanket knowing that all our cucumbers will be peeled. What else really matters at 4am?

P.S. Just press anywhere on the photograph to see Richard's love-struck eyes beneath his Blue Bonnet!


You do not see me and I am not shredding a roll of paper towels because I am wearing my
Secret Cloak of Invisibility: So... what up, Mooks? You lookin' at ME?

Chai never was real good at being inconspicuous...some things never change, nor would we wish it any
other way.

He just wants a refund on the Cloak he ordered from the back page of a comic book he also shredded.
Bengal Cats: Can't live with 'em, Can't live withOUT 'em. But you do learn to live without paper towels
and toilet paper and sleep. His claim to fame besides his handsome, charismatic, Bad-Boy looks?
He adores guinea pigs! When together, we put carpet remnants atop their cages so he can perch there
to "guard them" with his fierce, tender demeanor. We suspect his believes them to be "little Bengals" or
even his very own kittens. But love us he does...go figure!