Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Turn, Turn, Turn Part 1

 In the was just PandaPig and me.

Now, it's time to repay his kindness by 
giving VinnyGuinea what Panda gave me...

And the Circle remains unbroken.

And it is GOOD.
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Once upon a time, in a faraway place, a long, long time ago...

I was just a wee lad and PandaPig took me in as his very own.

And mom snuggled me every chance she got! Then, I grew up
and PandaPig died of cancer. Although it has been years, I remained inconsolable and became an attack-pig, waiting for
the return of my beloved Panda Pig. But after awhile, all the
other guinea pigs were having fun together and I began to feel
lonely. Still, mom was afraid I would hurt the others and I only
let her snuggle with me. She didn't know that my loneliness
was beginning to overcome my "attack anything that moves"
ways of yore.

Then Calvin died. And nobody was getting over THAT,
not a one among us...especially mom. So, she did what
she promised she would not do...brought home a little
tyke named VinnyGuinea, a big New York Giants fan!

At first he clung to his look-alike, Raj, who adored him the minute
he laid eyes on the cutest baby-pig he had ever seen because it reminded him of...well, himself!

And it was Good.

It was very, very good. And watching them,
I began to remember what happiness felt like,
what it felt like when PandaPig did for me
what Raj was giving VinnyGuinea.
And we all knew from the get-go that Vinny 
was a Very Special Piglet!
When mom got sick, and we moved to the Farm,
Parker the farm-boy-animal-whisperer did
an amazing thing: he put Vinny in with me.
And I forgot what loneliness felt like.
So now we are together,
and Raj has Taj,
And MacNutPie has CocoNutPie,
and I have Vinny
and we all have a bunny.

YumYum and the Herd from the farm
officially known as "Parker's Ark."


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