Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Mom's friend, Jerry, gave her a beautiful book for her birthday last year, which she took on a photo safari to Whatcom Creek. She read it, thinking about Jerry and how special birthdays are.

And she remembered a special day, many years ago, when she drove up to Mt. Baker, stopped at a fresh berry stand, and bought a slice of the best blueberry pie in creation to celebrate HIS birthday.

Then she hiked up to Artist Point, photographed that mountain pie for Jerry, and ate it! Altitude: over 5,000 ft. Pie tastes real good when you get it up high like that.

She then sent Jerry a photograph of his birthday pie, taken before she ate it, wishing him "Happy Birthday."

Jerry works in an office. In Atlanta, Georgia. Indoors.

We think that was mean.


He sure sends mom good books. He's a poet. And good books are even better when read beside the rushing water of a cool, glacial melt, even once it's descended almost to sea level.

Mom asked me to say: "Thanks, bro! Love the book and your pie remains unforgettable!"
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mom loves photographing water and has no idea how she got this image because she thinks it looks more like fabric.
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Last April, mom took this photograph of Whatcom Creek, just down our greening forest path, on her birthday to celebrate living here.

Next month when April rolls around this will no longer be our home and we do not yet know where home will be.  Perhaps we'll  linger here a bit, but we no longer belong here and do not feel settled, safe or secure knowing the place will be up for sale.  Home, to us, means a cozy nest in which to melt as worries of the day fade into guinea pig laughter and a big, soft blanket full of cuddle time with mom.

In memory of water, we all agreed to relax and flow wherever nature takes us; nestling in gratefully once our destination is reached, for just being together makes us a family on the inside, and that's what makes any house a home: the oinkers! usn's! us and mom. and snacks. and a starry night sky filled with meteor showers that make even the worldliest of pigs go "wow." Yes, the meteor shower is the thing.

Thus, we embark upon the "Way of the Guinea Pig: Flow of Not Knowing" and will be updating you, dear reader, as our delightful journey unfolds. No doubt twists and turns will create drama and mom will spend long hours lying on the floor wondering about carpet cleaning; but this will also be the journey where we inhale Faith and exhale Fear.  Because meteor showers won't come out unless guinea pigs feel peaceful inside.

Love to you all, especially the salmon babies in Whatcom Creek, where this photo was taken. Their life's journey is far more dangerous and full of challenge than ours, and we wish them godspeed into the deep, dark waters of the Pacific ocean where they will grow into big, strong salmon, only to swim home again, spawn, then die in the waters where they were born. 

May we all be returned safely to our True Homes! So Sing! Meteors like that.

Good night, readers.
Good night, baby salmon.
Good night, flowing water.
Good night, stars, sleep well, one and all.

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Mom's bff, Susan, knitted this gorgeous felted bag for her and it matches the rest
of mom's Hip, Urban, Bohemian, Artist ensemble.

We really think it looks better out on the trail than walking down the street in town.

We don't have to wear clothes, or shoes.

That's why we like being guinea pigs.

We are free and can Runabout anywhere just the way we are, UNENCUMBERED.

But Susan really did a beautiful job on that knitting

We'd love to snuggle in there.

Mom said: "Yeah, I'll let you guys in there when ******!"

Guess it'll have to be a stealth operation:
We're DETERMINED TO get in there and hide and cuddle and snuggle in the warmth of wool felt.

We're pretty sure you'll be reading all about it when we do.  With lots of **********because mom
can really have a potty-mouth sometimes, especially when it comes to our teeth being where they shouldn't.

Stay tuned for Operation Snuggle Sack!

"********!@#$%&?***OH NO YOU AREN'T!"

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