Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Mom has FINALLY decided, once and for all , to put her racing gear away and relax. She will be putting up pictures of us instead of imagining herself on the ice. As exciting as sports can be, she told Edwin tonight that nothing beats hearing a rescue piggie purring; laughing when he popcorns straight up into the air, then running away only to end up popping madly again because he's too happy to be bound by gravity! That would be me, The Flying PandaPig!

Hey, it sure beats smashing head first into the wall when you turn a corner too fast on the ice and wake up wondering who you are and how you got upside down.

We are grounding: Healing. Calming. She knows who she is when we are on her lap: Happy! Content. Peaceful. And she wants for nothing with us around: It is THAT sweet! Yup, that's us! Good to the last drop, we are!

Our infectious affection has helped mom let go of who she was when she was healthy and embrace all the goodness that she has received since becoming too ill to speedskate into walls and turn upside down. Now the only stars in her eyes are us: Yours truly PandaPig,  YumYum the "One-Pig-Circus-Act"& and Bear the Beaver Pig: Rescue Pigs to the Rescue! Yup!

Mom is happy in a quieter way now; serene, in the moment, and content to hear YumYum conversate with the birds outside while we stifle our own giggles to avoid embarrassing him. (And those proud wild birds who do not realize they are courting a little guinea pig with their whistles and singing.)

No more racing around for mom:  No more chasing happiness. Every morning we chase her with our wake-up call: "Breakfast, Mom, we know you're up, so Breakfast. NOW! WwWHHeeeEEEEkkkKK!" The  three TenorPigs are her new starting gun and inner peace the finish line.

The race is on every morning right here at home, not in the skating rink, just the refrigerator: will it be carrots, lettuce, cucumber, or a kale kind of morning? Oranges? Apples? Hard decisions. Tough choices: Wonderful.

So, these 2010 Winter Olympics, Mom has put her skates away in the closet once and for all only to race, sliding in her winter socks to the fridge for our breakfast. She races For love: Love at the speed of ice!
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Bear is spell-checking the Welcome Mat: "E M O C L E W."

Well, Bear, are we ready for our Olympic hopefuls?

"Yes, we can now officially emoclew them with our hospitality, enthusiasm, kale, hay, and my good looks. Definitely ready for Opening Ceremonies!"

As It Has Been Written on the Mat, So Shall It Be!

Anything you care to add, Yum-Yum?

"WHHHHHHHHHHeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeK! Full of Glee, I am!"

Thought so. Good night, athletes! Good night, YumYum. Good night, Bear the Beaver Pig. Good night, Mom. Good night Edwin. Good night stars. Good night Windstorm. Good night Dark Sky.

Tomorrow Fireworks will light up the sky!


"WHEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Games! WheeeEEEEk!"

Good night (again) YumYum!

And Sweet dreams to all of you, dear readers. We SO enjoy having you visit and invite you to add comments: Who are your favorite Olympic guinea pigs? Which guinea pigs do you think will win in Vancouver?

All the piggies who are rescued and adopted in loving forever homes. Thank you, guinea pig rescue of Vancouver. We dedicate these games to YOU, the real Champions of the World!
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Hey, I AM excited about the Games but, give me a break, fansters, I just got neutered this week and am a little sore down under. So if I'm not jumping up and down while PandaPig and YumYum are trying to find red, white, and blue fabric for their racing (to the fridge) suits, forgive me.

This is me: Excited.

It will be Wayne Gretzsky lighting the cauldron, I'm sure of it.


Neutered excitement.

Thanks, Panda, for letting me post. It was
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We don't know about links and things, but our hero, Apolo Anton Ohno has his own webpage and tweets and urls and posts and lots of connections to an Inside View of the Olympic Games from the ice!  And off.  So, if you love the Winter Olympics as much as we do, and speedskating as much as we do, and Apolo as much as we do, and you know how to use the Internet better than we do, we hope you'll Follow Apolo and our Team because Opening Ceremonies begin tomorrow night!  Our bet for who's going to light the cauldron is Wayne Gretsky and we'd bet our lettuce leaves, carrots, and cucumbers on it! 

Mom's homeboy, Edwin, arrives this afternoon  from Seattle enroute to the Games and promises to bring us all back lots of souvenirs!  Mom wants pins to collect and we want those red mittens to decorate our cuddle cups and warm up our evenings...tonight we are expecting another wicked windstorm and since our cages are on the floor mom has to work pretty hard to keep away drafts (not good for piggies, not at all!) So...go Apolo, go Edwin, go play those Games and bring home the Gold!  We are very excited as you can tell!