Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Dear Friends,

Meet our buddy, Beta Bob, owned by MOD fave-o-fave Ms Piggy (don't ask & we won't tell) and - as anyone can clearly see, Bob enjoys weightlessness in his wateryWorld, like an astronaut at zero gravity yet he still manages to eat the pea Ms Piggy gave him for constipation...we envy Beta Bob. We only get a terra firma diet of timothy hay and nothing else when our recycling center gets clogged at strategic key border crossings in our gizzards!

BetaBob, who we consider a NinjaFish with the prowess of a samurai is teaching us how to walk spiritually upon "The Path of Constipation" so we wanna give a shout-out to Ms Piggy (HEY! We SAID not to ask!) for showing us a bright, shining world where NinjaFish uncomplainingly eat their peas as decreed by the Empress whilst all we do is whine  and whistle for fresh, organic  pomegranates, watermelon, spinach, yellow peppers, carrots with their green tops attached, and all our favorite treats...especially mom's fingers.

It's lonely being constipated. Hay is a callous bedfellow, indifferent to our suffering.

BetaBob understands and shows us The Way of the Constipated Warrior Ninja Fish and since the sun will be out  for two days more, we shall reflect through gleaming prisms of unexpected color how lovely a future we have now with our new friend, Bob. Mother of Bob, you have raised a fine beta; to you we say: Namaste, soul Sister! Now, to sleep, perchance to dream of big, fat, juicy peas cut in half by mom so they don't fly out our mouths before rolling into crevices from which they shall never emerge.

Good night, Namaste, new friend, and go in Peas.
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The sun is as much a Rockstar to guinea pigs as to astronomers.
The difference is, we sunbathe in simple, abundant gratitude
while astronauts do things, but we know they also
overflow with Wonder beholding precious Blue Spaceship
Earth suspended seemingly weightlessly in an Infinite
Filled with Mystery,
Transcendent, Resplendent, Spiritually Awakening us
receivers of Light from our very own Sun-Star...
What a beautiful day it is when
we see our star...and how rare those days have become for us
here in the Great Pacific Northwest.
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