Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Is There a Chicken Hiding Inside That Turkey?

Nope, turns out this is an heirloom turkey, rare, and one who mom made friends with yesterday at the
Farm Store because everyone in Bellingham is a bit odd in their own special way. Reminds us of a chicken wearing a Halloween Costume but mom said to be nice, because odd ones need the most love...and we understand THAT! It was a great Centennial, mom's cards began selling, but mainly she hung out in the pen where the owner of lots of animals brought them for the public to watch.

One minor mishap...(and who among us didn't see this coming?)
Mom wore a tank-top knowing it was our last warm, sunny day. Today we have storm warnings, winds are gusting over 60 mph, and this is the "baby storm" before the "bigger storm."

So, mom wore her favorite tank top.
HOWEVER! Since it was so warm, and that is so rare, she forgot to layer it OVER another, less revealing tank top. So, there is mom, in a cage full of beautiful birds such as this little lady, and she is kneeling over to photograph them at eye level. Impressed with the gathering crowd, she also answered questions about the birds best she could, out of habit from working at the zoo so long, and giving the birds' owner lots of opportunities to go back INTO the store to work...what we mean is that nobody was keeping an eye on mom.

Or...where her assets were being deployed from beneath her tank top as she leaned over.
While nothing needed to be pixelated, enough emerged into plain view to explain the crowds...'nuff said. We don't wanna jeopardize having our dinner or our cages cleaned tonight.

You think this turkey isn't pretty? Well, this turkey prettier than -

"Yum-Yum, whatcha doin' honey?"


"O.K. Sweetie, almost dinnertime and gonna clean your cage tonight too!"

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