Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


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Video | Men's Short: Evan Lysacek | NBC Olympics

We really love the Olympics, as you know. But, sports aside, we discovered it's an interesting place to learn more about humans. Like, how opposite they are from us sometimes. We watched the speedskating LIVE (take THAT, NBC!) from Singapore (we think) sportscasted by Australians (who said Apolo Ohno was Italian-born?!) and that was very cool. And the half-pipe and stuff. Very cool, y'all.

But what is up with Men's figure-skating? When this man did good, he cried. Mom cries when she screws up, and, well, we're kind of used to the time she called her best friend to talk about her boyfriend but accidently dialed his number instead (it was late at night, but what a BIG OOPSY!) and left the message (in which, apparently, the word "monster" may have been used, but in a good way, as in, "It was amazing! He didn't behave like a monster!")  She didn't find out until the next morning.

When He left Her a message.  And she cried.

We get that.  In fact, living with mom, we're actually used to it.

So, we three watched Mr. Evan skate majestically (during an NBC rebroadcast, of course; we save hacking only for speedskating) and...
we didn't get it.

Mom's eyes widened with ours as he performed flawlessly, with drama and flair, so we thought it was really good...until he started crying. So, we asked mom why.

"I don't get men," she said.

We don't get figure-skating.

But we will continue to watch. And learn. Bear just escaped mom's lap, so I gotta go help her catch him!

You humans are really weird!