Panda's First Smile

Panda's First Smile
PandaPig's First Smile!

Friday, May 13, 2011

"My Sweet Spot!"

OOOooooh, how many of you readers know the secret to a blissful piggy? You think our snout? WRONG.
Our ears and back? Wrong. (but not completely, same for snout...just STILL WRONG!)
Tummy: definitely WRONG! sigh...FINE!

We piggies have a secret sweet spot and nobody loves it better than The Mac!

Calvin: "Me loves it, too, Mac. Calvin loves him his sweet spot and mom she knows it, too!"

Mac: "FINE. But this is MY POST and so..."

Calvin: "They know from the pictures, Mac, they already know."

Mac: "FINE. Then look at the pictures, MAKE 'EM BIG if you want, and discover the anti-aging secrets of Andean cavies: Lovin' the honey pot, oh baby, it's the sweet spot, when you's hot, you's HOT!"

Calvin: "Is that even a sentence, MacNut? I don't think that's a sentence. It even sounds...naughty..."

Mac: "mmmMMMMMmmmmmmMMMMMMmmmmmm......."
mommy loves us.

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hi, it's me. yeah, having a great time. as you can see. bye. thanks for calling.
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May I Please Have Your Attention for a Story?

TO BE CONTINUED:  Please keep going,
it's about ME!

Uh-OH! Here comes mom...this canNOT be good!

...she got me by surprise, see, i was just there and next thing i know she got me and it was by surprise, just like i says!

Read on, the worst is yet to come: press that "I wanna know what happened NEXT" button!

It says: "Older Posts" but that just CODE for: "SqueeeeeeeEEEEEEEEE!"
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It's Calvin "the small" here and i am writing to right the wrong that was wrongfully done to me to right my toenails, which was so wrong! mom snatched me up, lured me into her lap with some yummy fresh organic goodies, and the next thing i know i have had a mani & pedi until she got to the next to the last toenail and she says i moved but that is SO NOT TRUE! everybody knows guinea pigs do not move when they are eating. long toenail short, she clipped too close to the quick,
i squealed, there was blood, she had never used a styptic pencil and only then realized it had to be moist so we all goes into the bathroom and I AM BLEEDING (ok, not a gusher, but look how delicate my toes are!) and she finally got the pencil ready but i wouldn't let her touch that toe! i scurried back into my Pigloo a very unhappy Calvin and took a nap. alone.
then felt much better, got happy and i still have one unclipped toenail and knowing it is going to drive mom crazy - hee-hee! so i is very proud to be Calvin the small with my one,
unclipped nail: she didn't get ALL OF ME, not even the best part!
oh, that not true, she got my Heart.

sincerely, please fix her,

Calvin "the small"
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